Fear Not the Dubstep XVII

August 4, 2011

It’s Thursday y’all, and that means it’s time for me to comb the blagosphere for that elusive creature called the dubstep. Here are the critters I’ve found this week.

To start off, KillaGraham has taken “I’m on One” to new levels with a superior production value on it. DJ Khaled doesn’t do his own production. Now that the DJing is done by Killa, I should think Khaled has even less claim to be named in this song now and yet he’s the first name listed in the artists, whereas Wayne and Drake are “featured”. Whatever. We know who did the work. Check it out.

I’m On One (KillaGraham Remix) – DJ Khaled ft Drake, Lil Wayne / Or from Mediafire

DeRulo made his name reworking an old hit, so it makes sense that he’s sticking with what he knows. DubRocca reworks this new hit in a thorough and effective manner, adding wobs all over. Rock out.

Don’t Wanna Go Home (DubRocca Dubstep Remix) – Jason DeRulo / Or from Mediafire

Everyone knows this track. Or if not, they better catch up. You’ll hear it soon enough in one form or another; Flo Rida flipped it to rap on top so it should get some major radio play soon, if it hasn’t already. Haydn Hoffman is known for crazy intense dubbed out remixes and does not disappoint in this track. Check it out.

Levels (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg Remix) – Avicii / Or from Mediafire

NiT GriT is back with this stellar remix of good ol’ Marvin. It starts out understated and quiet and has a beautiful riff it builds into. I confess the beginning of this track is much more interesting to me than the middle of it simply because all the (excellent) rage it builds to is far more standard than the opening was. The opening was really tight, slick production. Listen for yourself.

What’s Going On (NiT GriT Remix) – Marvin Gaye / Or from Mediafire

I haven’t posted Cry Wolf before but the Burning Ear swears by them and I can see why. This North Carolina duo rock. Just listen to the gentle beginning of this track and the excellent drop that pulls together industrial elements all over; rage, wobs, even 8-bit elements make this track awesome. Yet again however I appreciate the beginning more than the middle, but the entire song is just stellar. Check it out.

Ephemeral – Cry Wolf / Or from Mediafire

Figure gives us a wob and rage filled track. It’s fun. Enjoy! And if you feel like helping him out, you can purchase the track here (but he’s also released it for free, so no pressure).

Everybody (Figure Dubstep Remix) – Calvertron / Or from Mediafire

And to wrap this post up, I’m giving you another slick remix of the Weeknd. With a subtle start, most of the changes that Flufftronix introduces are additions rather than outright switchups. It’s very easy to get into the remix, just like the original. I am a firm supporter of the subtle and smooth luvstep movement. Have a good evening and enjoy the track!

High For This (Flufftronix Luvstep Remix) – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire

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