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Belispeak – Purity Ring

August 31, 2011

Purity Ring is back! I am so psyched. I’m really hooked on their glitchy, sparkly, pretty sound. They don’t disappoint on this track. With the beat sounding practically ghetto, the synths and vocals are anything but. This what I imagine the cool fairies would listen to while drinking ambrosia and absinthe. The high drifting vocals are backed periodically by distorted low voices. Check this track out, and if you haven’t yet, check out their first song.

Belispeak – Purity Ring / Or from Mediafire


Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Gabriell Remix) – Skrillex

August 30, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I don’t post enough Skrillex (I know, droll, right?). But I really like this remix. My sister can’t stand what Gabriell did to the “Oh My GOoood” but I view it as contrast to make you enjoy the rest of the piece a little more. And it does make the instrumental immediately following feel like a lounge jazz track. Also I think Skrillex would approve, as a metalhead gone dubstep innovator/lightning rod he loves abrasiveness and surprising loudness. I found this on the Burning Ear awhile ago. Enjoy!

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Gabriell Remix) – Skrillex / Or from HulkShare


Bitter Man – Colossal Gospel

August 29, 2011

Today feels a little slow, as if moving gingerly from aches accumulated over the weekend. So here’s a lovely folk song to take it slow with. Colossal Gospel crafted a beautiful song pulling together drifting vocals and lovely plucking and strumming with hand claps and military drum rolls. It’s really well done. If you want to send some money their way, check out their BandCamp. Spotted on Knox Road. Enjoy!

Bitter Man – Colossal Gospel / Or from Mediafire


First of the Year (Equinox) – Music Video

August 29, 2011

I’m back! After about two months of either being out of town or preparing for school, I finally have some free time to post. However, I have little new music due to not much time to spend on music blogs, and my internet is very tenuous at the moment anyway, so I instead give you a music video. I love Skrillex, and I find it fascinating how quickly he has risen above all the other dubstep/grime artists. This music video uses the song to tell a story, but without words it has to base the story around the various wobs and synths. It is done quite well and the tension I felt during the first minute or so of the video the first time I watched it is definitely notable. Without such a brilliant marriage of the building music and visuals that would not have been possible. So if you enjoy music videos with a bit of tension, violence, and little girls who can seemingly summon Slender Man then this is the video for you.


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXIX

August 26, 2011

Happy Friday!! It’s time for mashups! I must be off soon so let’s make this quick and awesome. Okay? Okay.

Don’t you love Captain Cuts? I sure do. They’ve been consistently making killer remixes and maintaining a great persona. And now a mashup. I’m in heaven. This fits ridiculously well. Check it out!

Girls On Girls (Captain Cuts Remix) – Beyonce vs Beastie Boys / Or from Mediafire

This one is less energetic but unbelievably good. The super smooth beat gives the rap an extra layer slickness. It sounds resolute and cynical or perhaps jaded. Funkanomics makes really great chill music. Enjoy.

Revolutionary Lullaby (Funkanomics Mashup) – Nas vs. Cure / Or from Mediafire

Now for a different kind of smooth. A little saxophone just kind of makes sense with a voice like Adele’s don’t you think? Well DJ Daigo certainly thought so. Check it out!

Movin’ In The Deep – Daigo / Or from Mediafire

Very simple mashup from Tievoli here. Classic techno meets a more contemporary party song. Great concept. Enjoy.

Party Shots – Tievoli / Or from Mediafire

DOSVEC pumps out more tracks in a week than I know what to do with. It’s awesome. Check out this one, it’s full of nutritious goodness.

Love Is One (DJ Khaled ft Drake, Rick Ross & Lil Wayne vs David Guetta & Chris Willis) – DOSVEC / Or from Mediafire

This is just a beautiful song. You have to wait until half way through the track to hear lyrics, but they’re the pretty sort. When combined with lovely progressive house synths, it gets positively ethereal. Dash Berlin understands aesthetics. Enjoy it.

The Greater Good vs. Raise Your Weapon (Dash Berlin Mashup) – Judge Jules vs. Deadmau5 / Or from HulkShare

First of all, Drake’s voice is like syrup: sweet and smooth. When it meets this particular track I feel warm and happy. Thank you, DJ Fergie Ferg. Enjoy it and have a great weekend.

Say Stars (Drake x Hidden Cat) – DJ Fergie Ferg / Or from Mediafire

Blogroll: Earmilk, Sunset in the Rearview


Fear Not the Dubstep XVIII

August 25, 2011

You know what? It is hard to write a dubstep post when dubstep is mostly made for sale on the net. I try to only post free downloads. But it’s hard to find excellent dubstep without a price tag. So here’s what I have for the week. Also you should check out my new favorite dubstep song over on BeatPort, here. Happy Thursday!

Let’s start with an original track up for free download. I have a soft spot for those. All the wobbage you could possibly eat spoon fed to you by Candyland. Enjoy.

Pirates (Original Mix) – CANDYLAND / Or from Mediafire

Next up some intensely high-pitched rage from the master, Skrillex, reworking another Gaga track. It’s quite fun if you’re a fan of the genre. I couldn’t find it for sale anywhere I looked but I feel like this one is high profile enough to be for sale sooner or later. Tell me if so, so I can take it down. In the meantime, check it out.

Died This Way (Skrillex Remix) – Lady Gaga / Or from Mediafire

It’s a Skrillex double pack! If the last track made your ears bleed (in a bad way) then here is your salve. This track from ca7 is much smoother, which is bound to happen with Adele. The dubstep in this track is far less in your face raging and more relaxed background. Enjoy the song and also a conspiracy to go with it! Some people think that ca7 is a fake name for Deadmau5. Ca715al1v3
(or “cat is alive”) is ca7’s full name (as opposed to “dead mouse”). The two mashups he’s made so far contain Skrillex, who is touring with Deadmau5. And Deadmau5 has had a fake name before. Their icons are even similar. However ca7 replied to these allegations saying “Nice theory! But im not Joel, really.” I also know that Deadmau5 looks down on mashups that’s another strike. Maybe it’s Skrillex under a pseudonym… What do you think?

Set Fire To Everybody (ca7’s Mashup) – Adele vs Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

Jacob Thorell thought this was low quality so he kindly reproduced it. Dude has skills. Skrillex vs Adele – Kill the Rain [Mashup] by Jacob Thorell

Continuing on a smoother track, here’s Revolvr‘s version of Florence and the Machine. This is so smooth I wouldn’t call it dubstep but it fits on the lovestep side of the genre so here it is. Check it out.

You’ve Got The Love (Revolvr Remix) – Florence and the Machine / Or from Mediafire

Smooth and electronic, the instrumental off this is just lovely and fits the haunting vocals well. Azedia did a great job on this. Enjoy it.

The Game (AZEDIA Remix) – Will And The People / Or from Mediafire

Let’s end with a mashup. It’s like a preview of tomorrow! 3lau works (even more) Skrillex into a bunch of pop and electronic music. It is a blast. Check it out!

Dubsex (Skrillex & Nero Feat. Britney vs. Daft Punk vs. Posner vs. Amanda) – 3lau / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: I haven’t listened to this all the way through yet, no time. But what I did hear sounded fun. Tell me what you think. DOSVEC “DIFF” DubStep MashUp Mix Album by DjWhatt


Kicking and Screaming (Cinematic Remix) – Oh My!

August 24, 2011

Oh My! released a bunch of remixes of their latest track “Kicking and Screaming”. I spotted this one on Cause Equals Time. The driving force of the Drum and Bass on this remix works really well with the chaotic vocals from Oh My! I really like the group but it’s hard to properly use punctuation with a title ending in an exclamation point. The song hear really earns its exclamation. Check it out for yourself.

Kicking and Screaming (Cinematic Remix) – Oh My! / Or from Mediafire