Do It All Again (Prod. by The Two Friends) – Gabriel Stark

July 27, 2011

Remember the Friendly Giant? We at Paper Mash are big fans of his work in the field of mashups. He recently sent me an email to update us on his current projects.

I’ve recently taken a break from making mashups as The Friendly Giant in order to team up with my friend Matt Halper to make sample-based hip-hop beats. We bought Pro Tools at the beginning of this summer right after we graduated high school together and have been working extremely hard to make exciting and unique beats. Our first beat uses Matt and Kim’s “Daylight” which we chopped up to give it a whole new spin. We sent the finished beat to Gabriel Stark who did an amazing job adding in verses and a catchy chorus to make the track complete.

Keeping in line with TFG’s handle, these two go by The Two Friends. Their production starts out pretty simple, with few changes, but quickly works into something completely unique. Gabriel Stark‘s verses ground the song, leaving a polished finished product. Check it out.

Do It All Again (Prod. by The Two Friends) – Gabriel Stark


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