Sorry 4 The Wait – Lil Wayne

July 18, 2011

Well Wayne’s mixtape came out last Wednesday but remember I wrote these ahead of time (in this case that Wednesday night). Apparently he’s been rather frustrated by the beats that producers have been handing him. As the title implies, Wayne’s mixtape is to apologize for the delay in putting out Tha Carter IV. So far the titular track is my favorite. Wayne runs with a very natural sounding band beat (acoustic guitar, drum, piano, bass, hand claps). Here’s a download for the mixtape and enjoy the track.

Sorry 4 The Wait – Lil Wayne / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE: Hahaha, oh yeah. The beat is “Rolling in the Deep”. Oy vay. This is why I should listen the radio more. But yeah. I listened to Adele’s original version maybe twice and then a zillion different remixes. I gave her original about as much listen as the remixes so I didn’t spot the beat. Thanks Cameron!



  1. you DID realise that this very natural sounding band beat is just an instrumental of “rolling in the deep” right?
    no disrespect 🙂

    • hahaha! Thanks man! Wow, I missed that one…

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