Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXIV

July 15, 2011

Happy Friday folks! I’m on the road today so here’s the first installment of pre-written posts. Since I didn’t have as much time as usual you only get four songs instead of the usual seven. But they’re all quality. It’s a day for mashups, so mashups you shall have.

First off, here’s a sweet track that Mashup-Germany put together. He’s never made a purely instrumental track before. I’d say he succeeded quite admirably. The saxophone really gets rid of any need for vocals. It wails harder than most vocalists. I found this a novelty as well as pleasant track to listen to. Check it out.

Saxophomental – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

Cecil Otter and Swiss Andy have put together a great concept project entitled Wugazi. The Wu Tang Clan meets Fugazi’s instrumental album. Many rejoice. This track, for instance, fits together into a smooth union that you cant help but bob your head to. I first spotted this over on Pigeons and Planes. Listen to this.

Sweet Release – Wugazi / Or from Mediafire

Honestly, since I don’t know the original Britney song, and don’t feel like taking the time to listen to it, I couldn’t tell you is this wasn’t just a Britney song featuring Eric Saade. But I trust Earmilk, and Robin Skouteris if they tell me that this is a mashup. It’s one of those mashups that makes you realize how similar pop is. Sharing melodic hooks makes this mashup an easy mix. Listen for yourself.

I Wanna Go & Be Popular (Britney Spears Vs Eric Saade) – Robin Skouteris / Or from Mediafire

Kap Slap‘s new album is filled with primo mashups. This one might be favorite. I love Miike Snow’s “Silvia” and that’s a great start. Using one of the best drops from that song, Kap Slap works Britney’s hook into Swizz Beat’s and then juxtaposes “Till the World Ends” with “ Save the World”. Clever. And enjoyable. Try it out.

Till Silvia Saves The World – Kap Slap / Or from Mediafire


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