Fear Not the Dubstep XIV

July 7, 2011

Happy Thursday! It’s dubstep day again! Sadly I’ve been kept fairly well occupied and thus haven’t done this in awhile. Tomorrow I hop on a Megabus again so I’m throwing this one together with some old stuff I had lying about from Earmilk and the Burning Ear before writing the mashup post for tomorrow. It’s still all good stuff. It’s just not particularly new. I hope you’ll forgive me. The next few weeks will be a little hectic for me but I plan on posting and storing up posts to post remotely when I don’t have wi-fi. So, no promises, but I should still provide you all with a post every weekday. Enough of this talk. Let’s get to the dubstep.

Working with an already catchy song, Cazzette had little to do to keep the song interesting and could focus instead on bringing the wobs. Excellent.

Save The World (Cazzette DubbySteppy Bootleg) – Swedish House Mafia / Or from Mediafire

I know I must have posted at least three remixes of this already but really, who wouldn’t want to listen to it with some real bass? Infuze and Rex Riot really go to town on this one. Enjoy!

All of the Lights (Infuze & Rex Riot Dubstep Remix) – Kanye West / Or from Mediafire

I’m pretty sure I posted a different remix of this the other week, but this is a horse of different color. Kelly Dean really amps the wob content up in this version, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look no farther.

Not Getting Any Better (Kelly Dean Dubstep Remix) – Innerpartysystem / Or from Mediafire

For those with a more industrial bent, this should be more up your alley, more wobs and synths than anything else. Stephan Jacobs and NiT GriT start out wobbed and work towards a relaxed synth line that does not last. Check it out.

Don’t Stop – Stephan Jacobs & NiT GriT / Or from Mediafire

Starting out with xylophone sounding synths, this quirky mix doesn’t hesitate to imitate scratching records in a bass wob direction. In its build it uses a cute little bell sound before dropping a hectic dubstep / industrial line. Enjoy.

Monster (DWB Remix) – DJ Russ P feat. MK / Or from Mediafire From iTunes

This classic got the Haydn Hoffman treatment and we’re all pleased it did. He mostly added wob solos to it, but it works really well and also has an interesting high synth line going through it to emphasize the builds. Check it out.

Swagga (Haydn Hoffman Bootleg) – Datsik & Excision / Or from Mediafire

Now this one is just fun. The cutesy vocals are always an interesting contrast with the bass and of course have to start with airy synth lines to work towards the wobs. Document One does a lovely job working through it all. Enjoy and have a good Thursday!

Someone Else’s Party (Document One Remix) – Borgore feat. Adi Ulmansky / Or from Mediafire


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