Two Step (Basic Physics Remix) – Dave Matthews Band

June 27, 2011

Something about this remix is addictive as anything. I can’t help but listen to it again and again. While it’s easy to zone out reading or surfing while listening to this, it’s interesting to listen closely to as well. Cutting out the vocals and focusing entirely on the raging acoustic guitar riffs, the DJs from Basic Physics add a heavy back beat that helps make the song the driving force it is. Heard it on Cause Equals Time first. Enjoy

Two Step (Basic Physics Remix) – Dave Matthews Band / Or from Mediafire



  1. Ahhh! The driving electronic beat with the acoustic guitar! I feel a sudden urge to make music that sounds like this. (I probably won’t, though.)
    Around 1:40-2:30 it even somehow starts sounding like the soundtracks of some great old NES games, despite the completely different instrumentation.

    • Yeah. Driving is definitely the word for it. Oh well, you should though, it’s so addictive. And I can see what you mean. People have covered video game songs before but I’ve never been terribly impressed with them. Maybe it takes a better arrangement.

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