Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXI

June 24, 2011

Happy Friday folks! It’s that lovely time of the week and to kick it off I’ve got mashups for everyone! Exciting right? Yeah. So I’m happy because I got to go outside and to the movies. Not being sick is awesome. And so are mashups, so here we go.

Well a new White Panda track came out so that’s a good place to start. I don’t have a lot to say about it. Like all their tracks it’s stellar and made for dancing. Who doesn’t like R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”? That’s what I thought. Enjoy.

Ignite Cherie – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

This has to be my favorite version of this Cali Swag District song. Yes I know other Cali Swag District songs, they’re not bad, you should check them. While this mashup focuses on the excellent Led Zeppelin riff (as it should) it also gives you some more Katy Perry as sort of afterthought. All in all a great mashup. Many props to DJ Lobsterdust Check it out.

Whole Lotta Extra Dougie – Lobsterdust / Or from Mediafire

Now if it warmed up a little I could go to the beach. That would be nice. I mean, it’s summer! Here’s a mashup to work a little sympathetic magic. Pretty Lights has a new one for us and it’s a summer anthem. With judicial slowing down and speeding up and sample magic we have a beautiful little chill track to vibe to. Enjoy.

Pretty Lights vs Summertime – Pretty Lights / Or from Mediafire

To follow that we have a mashup from ToToM that builds its layers one by one. It starts out pretty, goes punk, turns garage and brings in some hip hop. It goes hectic and ends hectic. A fun mashup all around. Try it out.

New Born Calling – ToToM / Or from Mediafire

This one is way too fun not to post. Using the riff from “The Impression That I Get” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, D.veloped makes a hip hop song. Fun classics like this should be revived more often for mashups like this. It’s just too catchy to forget about. Check it out.

Brassified Information Ft. Nicki and Missy – D.veloped / Or from Mediafire

Ben Stilller (Mashup-Germany) put out a bunch of songs while I was out of the interblogs and I’ve been catching up ever since. He made another Reggae Allstars mashup which in case you didn’t realize, is awesome. But I’m not sure the first track is really an all-star reggae song, or well reggae at all. But I suppose supercalifragilisticexpialidocious could be reggae should anyone have the inspiration. You decide.

Too much (Reggae Allstars) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

Let’s end on an epic note. Kanye and Muse both have epic sounds. Childish Gambino has some epic lines (“Minority report!”). Continent Number 6 and Adele thrown in for good measure seems reasonable. Altogether, an epic mashup from DJ Bahler. Enjoy it and have a great weekend.

Let Go (Parisian Nightsuit) – DJ Bahler / Or from Mediafire


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