Fear Not the Dubstep XIII

June 23, 2011

Happy Thursday all! I’m feeling significantly better than I have in the past week and a half. Tonight I’m going to the movies! Slightly pathetic, but I’ve been laid out by some unpleasant virus for the start of my summer, and I don’t appreciate it. But it’s dubstep time, so it’s time to get wobbly. Now I know some purists take issue with categorizing all music containing wobs as dubstep and I apologize for feeding into that (I had a conversation with someone about this and wondered how clear I had been on the site). Originally this series was called “Synths and Wobs” and included electronic music from house to grime. But I needed a better series name and settled on the suggestion “Fear Not the Dubstep”. Since then I’ve tried to refine the content to be more closely linked to dubstep. As you can tell in the genre categorizations system, I like to cross reference genres and so dubstep becomes an element rather than a definition in these posts. If that just confused things more, ignore it, or take it up with me in the comments section. Either way, enjoy the music!

To start us off, a lovely remix of the Weeknd‘s “Rolling Stone“. The track doesn’t get really wobbly until the 3:20 mark but it is excellent through and through. According to the Burning Ear where I found this track, Tate La Rock and Troublemaker are calling this pantystep which I think should totally be its own genre.

Rolling Stone (Tate La Rock and Troublemaker Remix) – The Weeknd / Or from Mediafire

Next up another fabulous offering from Adventure Club Dubstep. They took Flight Facilities‘ lovely song “Crave You” and ran with it. They transformed it into a lovely relaxed dubstep track that has surprising sexual undertones at points. Maybe this is really pantystep as well. Check it out.

Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Flight Facilities / Or from Mediafire

So last week I promised to procrastinate finding new dubstep sources and I’m happy to report that I broke my promise in time to find some lovely tracks through SoundCloud. This one for instance is made by Stylust Beats, a DJ I know next to nothing about. I do know that they make good music however, and that’s good enough for me. Enjoy the almost triumphal waves of dubstep in this Pink Floyd remix.

Comfortably Numb (Stylust Beats Dubstep Remix) – Pink Floyd / Or from Mediafire

Next up is slow, but stellar remix of Metallica. All these remixes just make me so happy. Especially when they’re well done. And Cottonmouth always takes his music well done. Check it out.

The Unforgiven (Cottonmouth Remix) – Metallica / Or from Mediafire

Moving upbeat for the next track. Sometimes I miss Skrillex. So I play some and it always makes me feel better. You know what’s always good? A Skrillex remix. So is a SoniXx remix. So SoniXx remixing Skrillex? Yes. The answer is yes. This one goes hard, plays about with rage, comes back with some bass, and has a driving beat to keep you happy. Spotted on the Burning Ear. Enjoy this.

Ruffneck (The SoniXx Remix) – Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

I love ethereal female vocals on top of rumbling bass wobs. It’s like watching a thunderstorm from a vantage close enough one can appreciate its power but secure enough to be without the worry of getting crushed or struck. This is a gorgeous remix by Airwalker (appropriately named). Spotted over on Earmilk. I recommend you listen to this right now.

Still Alive (Airwalker Dubstep Remix) – Lisa Miskovsky / Or from Mediafire

Also spotted on Earmilk, I thought I’d finish with this track because of how amused I am that Zelda dubstep remixes are swiftly becoming a meme. The first one I saw was made by Ephixa, though, so props to him. Yet again he has thoroughly reworked a song from Ocarina of Time and really made it his own. If you’re a nerd like me you should check out his massive collection of music and buy some (for instance this lovely little Portal dubstep track). Have a good Thursday!



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