Time Machine – Big Krit (feat Pat Lee)

June 14, 2011

Remember Pat Lee? He took that excellent “Stairway to Hip Hop Heaven” remix and added a rap that meshed perfectly. Well he’s back and talented as ever. This time he takes Krit’s beat and adds his own verse. Big Krit’s beat is excellent, yet again Lee has picked a stellar track to work with. While I’m waiting for Lee’s upcoming EP named “Nameless” to drop, it’s good to hear from him again. The EP was supposed to drop in May but Lee is taking his time to get everything just right. I can appreciate that because his songs have seemed to been crafted with an incredible amount of care taken to match the lyrics to the beat. The tone and rhythm of his words seems to be almost as important as the story he chooses to tell. Here’s hoping he’s done soon, but here’s what he’s got to give now. Enjoy!

Time Machine – Big Krit (feat Pat Lee) / Or from Mediafire

And here’s the full version with Big Krit’s verses too for good measure.

Time Machine (Full Version) – Big Krit (feat Pat Lee) / Or from Mediafire


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