June 13, 2011

Checked in on HYPER CRUSH to see what they’d been up to. Turns out, some very fun stuff. I’m really surprised I hadn’t posted anything of theirs before this. Their remixes are always good, following the pop style of the songs they pick to remix and taking them to the next level. In this Usher remix they go back and forth between electro house, dubstep and eight bit remix. But that’s not all. When they remix songs, they add their own vocals to the song to smooth out the difference from the original to the new song. Really good technique. Check it out.

DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love Again (HYPER CRUSH REMIX) – Usher ft Pitbull / Or from Mediafire

And this has got to be one of the more enjoyable remixes of Drake’s “Over”. Check out all their tracks here. And how can you say no to a group with a keytarist? You can’t.

Over (HYPER CRUSH REMIX) – Drake / Or from Mediafire


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