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Wicked Games (SPL Bootleg) – the Weeknd

June 30, 2011

So I’m pretty swamped with random stuff (window washing, chauffeuring my sister, beach time, etc) and don’t feel like putting in the effort to a full dubstep post today, what with my intermittent internet, I haven’t had the research time this week that I had last week. So. Enjoy this awesome wobbed out remix of the Weeknd that I found last week on Earmilk. It’s got all the lovely musical soul from the Weeknd and some impressive rage from SPL. Check it out.

Wicked Games (SPL Bootleg) – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire


The Last Day Of Summer (Le Matos Remix) – Johan Agebjörn & Ercola feat. Queen Of Hearts

June 29, 2011

Wow. That was a long title. Dailybeatz said something similar when they posted it. Did you know Dailybeatz is closing? It’s very sad that a blog dedicated to writing about excellent electronica music is closing, but when a passion starts to be a chore, it’s time to move on. We at Paper Mash Music are really going to miss all the stellar music we found at Dailybeatz but we wish the author well in his newer passion in photography. I wonder if next year someone will put together another Blogwave Summer Mixtape. After just two years I feel spoiled. This particular song from Dailybeatz is more dance-y and progressive house sounding than many but it’s still great. As most of their songs are, this one is very chill. I hope you enjoy it.

The Last Day Of Summer (Le Matos Remix) – Johan Agebjörn & Ercola feat. Queen Of Hearts / Or from Mediafire


Silvia (Voodoo Farm Remix) – Miike Snow

June 28, 2011

So my internet is screwed up again. Nothing brand spanking new today but this is still recent (as in past few weeks) and man is it good. “Silvia” was one of my favorite songs last summer and it’s been given new life in this remix. Voodoo Farm added some bass to the original track, barely changing the original flow of the song but giving the instrumental a heavy work over. Altogether a really pleasing remix. Spotted this on The Burning Ear first. Enjoy.

Silvia (Voodoo Farm Remix) – Miike Snow / Or from Mediafire


Two Step (Basic Physics Remix) – Dave Matthews Band

June 27, 2011

Something about this remix is addictive as anything. I can’t help but listen to it again and again. While it’s easy to zone out reading or surfing while listening to this, it’s interesting to listen closely to as well. Cutting out the vocals and focusing entirely on the raging acoustic guitar riffs, the DJs from Basic Physics add a heavy back beat that helps make the song the driving force it is. Heard it on Cause Equals Time first. Enjoy

Two Step (Basic Physics Remix) – Dave Matthews Band / Or from Mediafire


Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XXI

June 24, 2011

Happy Friday folks! It’s that lovely time of the week and to kick it off I’ve got mashups for everyone! Exciting right? Yeah. So I’m happy because I got to go outside and to the movies. Not being sick is awesome. And so are mashups, so here we go.

Well a new White Panda track came out so that’s a good place to start. I don’t have a lot to say about it. Like all their tracks it’s stellar and made for dancing. Who doesn’t like R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”? That’s what I thought. Enjoy.

Ignite Cherie – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

This has to be my favorite version of this Cali Swag District song. Yes I know other Cali Swag District songs, they’re not bad, you should check them. While this mashup focuses on the excellent Led Zeppelin riff (as it should) it also gives you some more Katy Perry as sort of afterthought. All in all a great mashup. Many props to DJ Lobsterdust Check it out.

Whole Lotta Extra Dougie – Lobsterdust / Or from Mediafire

Now if it warmed up a little I could go to the beach. That would be nice. I mean, it’s summer! Here’s a mashup to work a little sympathetic magic. Pretty Lights has a new one for us and it’s a summer anthem. With judicial slowing down and speeding up and sample magic we have a beautiful little chill track to vibe to. Enjoy.

Pretty Lights vs Summertime – Pretty Lights / Or from Mediafire

To follow that we have a mashup from ToToM that builds its layers one by one. It starts out pretty, goes punk, turns garage and brings in some hip hop. It goes hectic and ends hectic. A fun mashup all around. Try it out.

New Born Calling – ToToM / Or from Mediafire

This one is way too fun not to post. Using the riff from “The Impression That I Get” by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, D.veloped makes a hip hop song. Fun classics like this should be revived more often for mashups like this. It’s just too catchy to forget about. Check it out.

Brassified Information Ft. Nicki and Missy – D.veloped / Or from Mediafire

Ben Stilller (Mashup-Germany) put out a bunch of songs while I was out of the interblogs and I’ve been catching up ever since. He made another Reggae Allstars mashup which in case you didn’t realize, is awesome. But I’m not sure the first track is really an all-star reggae song, or well reggae at all. But I suppose supercalifragilisticexpialidocious could be reggae should anyone have the inspiration. You decide.

Too much (Reggae Allstars) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

Let’s end on an epic note. Kanye and Muse both have epic sounds. Childish Gambino has some epic lines (“Minority report!”). Continent Number 6 and Adele thrown in for good measure seems reasonable. Altogether, an epic mashup from DJ Bahler. Enjoy it and have a great weekend.

Let Go (Parisian Nightsuit) – DJ Bahler / Or from Mediafire


Fear Not the Dubstep XIII

June 23, 2011

Happy Thursday all! I’m feeling significantly better than I have in the past week and a half. Tonight I’m going to the movies! Slightly pathetic, but I’ve been laid out by some unpleasant virus for the start of my summer, and I don’t appreciate it. But it’s dubstep time, so it’s time to get wobbly. Now I know some purists take issue with categorizing all music containing wobs as dubstep and I apologize for feeding into that (I had a conversation with someone about this and wondered how clear I had been on the site). Originally this series was called “Synths and Wobs” and included electronic music from house to grime. But I needed a better series name and settled on the suggestion “Fear Not the Dubstep”. Since then I’ve tried to refine the content to be more closely linked to dubstep. As you can tell in the genre categorizations system, I like to cross reference genres and so dubstep becomes an element rather than a definition in these posts. If that just confused things more, ignore it, or take it up with me in the comments section. Either way, enjoy the music!

To start us off, a lovely remix of the Weeknd‘s “Rolling Stone“. The track doesn’t get really wobbly until the 3:20 mark but it is excellent through and through. According to the Burning Ear where I found this track, Tate La Rock and Troublemaker are calling this pantystep which I think should totally be its own genre.

Rolling Stone (Tate La Rock and Troublemaker Remix) – The Weeknd / Or from Mediafire

Next up another fabulous offering from Adventure Club Dubstep. They took Flight Facilities‘ lovely song “Crave You” and ran with it. They transformed it into a lovely relaxed dubstep track that has surprising sexual undertones at points. Maybe this is really pantystep as well. Check it out.

Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Flight Facilities / Or from Mediafire

So last week I promised to procrastinate finding new dubstep sources and I’m happy to report that I broke my promise in time to find some lovely tracks through SoundCloud. This one for instance is made by Stylust Beats, a DJ I know next to nothing about. I do know that they make good music however, and that’s good enough for me. Enjoy the almost triumphal waves of dubstep in this Pink Floyd remix.

Comfortably Numb (Stylust Beats Dubstep Remix) – Pink Floyd / Or from Mediafire

Next up is slow, but stellar remix of Metallica. All these remixes just make me so happy. Especially when they’re well done. And Cottonmouth always takes his music well done. Check it out.

The Unforgiven (Cottonmouth Remix) – Metallica / Or from Mediafire

Moving upbeat for the next track. Sometimes I miss Skrillex. So I play some and it always makes me feel better. You know what’s always good? A Skrillex remix. So is a SoniXx remix. So SoniXx remixing Skrillex? Yes. The answer is yes. This one goes hard, plays about with rage, comes back with some bass, and has a driving beat to keep you happy. Spotted on the Burning Ear. Enjoy this.

Ruffneck (The SoniXx Remix) – Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

I love ethereal female vocals on top of rumbling bass wobs. It’s like watching a thunderstorm from a vantage close enough one can appreciate its power but secure enough to be without the worry of getting crushed or struck. This is a gorgeous remix by Airwalker (appropriately named). Spotted over on Earmilk. I recommend you listen to this right now.

Still Alive (Airwalker Dubstep Remix) – Lisa Miskovsky / Or from Mediafire

Also spotted on Earmilk, I thought I’d finish with this track because of how amused I am that Zelda dubstep remixes are swiftly becoming a meme. The first one I saw was made by Ephixa, though, so props to him. Yet again he has thoroughly reworked a song from Ocarina of Time and really made it his own. If you’re a nerd like me you should check out his massive collection of music and buy some (for instance this lovely little Portal dubstep track). Have a good Thursday!


The Main Attraction – DotherSide

June 22, 2011

Well my internet suddenly went crappy again. Joy. So this took way longer to write than it should have. Anyways, remember DotherSide? Well I have another song for you from him. While the beat on this song is a little chiller, the rapping feels almost more hectic and important. The beat itself sounds to me like a sample from Atmosphere’s “They Always Know” but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. I would bet money that’s where this came from though. Since Atmosphere is one of my favorite groups out there, I approve. “The Main Attraction” continues the narrative of the aspiring rapper. He’s certainly convinced me he deserves the life. Check it out.

The Main Attraction – DotherSide / Or from Mediafire