Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere XIX

May 27, 2011

Happy Friday folks! It’s a mashup day here on PaperMash and I’ve got some good ones for you.

I’m starting out with an old White Panda because they’ve been pumping out so many fabulous new tracks I haven’t had time. So here’s one of their great ones that takes T.I. and Passion Pit and makes something awesome. Enjoy!

What You Know About Little Secrets – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

Next up is a track from the Friendly Giant‘s new album. It’s not new but he’s tweaked the mix to something vastly superior to the previous version. It emphasizes the good parts and irons out the key conflicts in the middle. An excellent version of “Beautiful Girls”.

Wasting Time – the Friendly Giant / Or from Mediafire

I am so glad that it’s summer again. So is Mashup-Germany. Here’s his new ode to welcome in the summer. Fun and layered. Enjoy!

Bright Sunshiny Day – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

Yesterday I posted a “Son of a Gun” dubstep remix. Today I present D.veloped‘s mashup of it. It makes for an excellent beat (for Nelly). Almost minimalist. Love it.

Son of a Nun – D.veloped / Or from Mediafire

Remember 3lau? I posted a track of his the other day. This electro banger mashup is his. Ke$ha should always be remixed…

We R Whatever, Clever – 3lau / Or from Mediafire

So I spotted this A Plus D track over at MashupTown. It’s just Katy Perry’s vocals on My Chemical Romance’s instrumentals, but it’s quite fun. Enjoy.

Planetary Firework (Go!) – A Plus D / Or from Mediafire

I think I’ll end with an instrumental. I love progressive house and I don’t get to post it enough so here’s a progressive house mashup! Yay! Have a great weekend.

Reaver 76 (Andrew’s Festival Banger Mashup) – Marco V vs Tiesto & Hardwell / Or from Mediafire


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