Fear Not the Dubstep XI

May 26, 2011

Well this has been a productive day for me. It’s my day off so that’s why I’ve posted so much. My summer will really start in about three weeks and then I will be able to sustain a few posts a day. It will be great. Consider this a preview. It’s about time for a dubstep post!

First off, I bought the Orange Box from Steam the other day and played Portal for the first time. Such an awesome game. So here’s a dubstep homage to Portal from J-Slice777.

Portal Dubstep – J-Slice777 / Or from Mediafire

Next up is a remix from our friends over at Robotic Pirate Monkey industries where chill high quality dubstep is produced. This time they’ve sunk their electronic claws into the classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” by Bill Withers. So good. Spotted this one (and the next) over at Earmilk. If you missed their first mixtape, check it out here. And their new (mini)mixtape is on their site.

Sunshine – Robotic Pirate Monkey / Or from Mediafire

I love Skylar Grey’s voice. This is just some weird juxtaposition though. Her voice, then industrial synths. Not sure I like this. But I would totally dance to it. Mashup? I think it is.

Big Boss Is Coming Home (Oh Snap!! Bootleg) – Doctor P, Diddy, Skylar Grey / Or from Mediafire

Now to recover, some smoother dubstep. Following that, how about a Fleet Foxes remix. Sound good? I thought so. Think of it as a bandaid for your ears.

Mykonos (Barbaric Merits Foxtronic Dubstep Remix) – Fleet Foxes / Or from Mediafire

Nancy Sinatra? Dubstep? Sounds like a good idea. Sounds real good.

Bang Bang (White Noise Dubstep Remix) – Nancy Sinatra / Or from Mediafire

Now let’s slow down a little. Slow dubstep is always really chill and relaxed but feels so cool. When t.A.T.u comes into the mix it’s interesting indeed. KickShifta has spun t.A.T.u in a completely different way for me. I’ve always heard more happycore sounds from them. This is a great remix. Enjoy.

Clowns (KickShifta Remix) – t.A.T.u / Or from Mediafire

And to finish the post off, here’s a track off of Earmilk’s latest Filthy Friday. I swear I get 70% of my dubstep over there. Quality blog. Anyways this is a remix of Oh Land’s “Son of a Gun”. I love the original so I really approve of this. Oh Land is touring with Sia this summer. I really want to go. We’ll see how logistics go. Have a great day all!

Son of a Gun (Jacob Plant Remix) – Oh Land / Or from Mediafire




    Buy the second one, we can co-op it up. And tell me your steam id so we can play TF2 together.

    Oh, and I’ve always thought someone should do a remix of Ain’t No Sunshine…

    • Well… Portal 2 just came out and I hadn’t played Portal 1 so I bought that first. But I had to wait until finals were over to control myself. Before that? I just never really had game systems. But now that I have a good laptop…

      I should buy that… I think the disc is cheaper right now… Oh and I’m “makw18” on Steam.

      Oh and you’re coming here right? Am I gonna see you all tomorrow?

      • probably not tomorrow, as we will get there around ll pm. but yes, we are going over there for the weekend. though our exams start next week, so i will be spending a large portion of my time studying…

      • Fair enough. Well I’ll see you at some point.

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