Note to Self – DotherSide

May 16, 2011

Well the temperatures here dropped about 40 degrees in a day. I blame my girlfriend for packing away her winter coat. It’s also the last day of reading period and I’m having trouble getting into gear. The loss that my paper is feeling is your gain however, because I’ve been listening to lots of quality music. The artist I’m sharing with you today is 18 and ramping up to pursue a full time rap career. I say go for it. DotherSide has enough talent to go far if he can get the audience he needs and keep up the level of quality in this track. He’s already done shows with XV, Deans List, Cam Meekins, and Machine Gun Kelly, so he’s on the right track. With a chill beat, he raps some very catchy lyrics and has the voice to back it up. The song feels like DotherSide is staking his claim on the rap game. Keep an eye out for his mixtape, coming this summer. Enjoy it.

Note to Self – DotherSide / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE: And here’s the video to go with the song.


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