Evil Women – Illicit

May 5, 2011

I want to introduce you all to Illicit. This Cambridge artist has one mixtape out already. It’s a fairly standard format these days to rap over the beats of mainstream songs to showcase one’s lyrical prowess. Illicit takes part in this fun form of remixing and has some really stellar songs. “Evil Women” sounds like it was a beat made for him by Big T, which may be why I find it more striking. Illicit really throws down some emotion on this track apologizing by way of blaming Big T for his choice of samples. Anyone who’s had a dramatic relationship can empathize with this. And everyone else can just enjoy the beat and rap.

Evil Women (Prod. By Big T) – Illicit / Or from Mediafire

BONUS TRACK: This track also really stood out to me on Illicit‘s mixtape. This may be because it was another beat made for him (I’m not positive on that but I don’t recognize the beat). But Illicit is also rapping on a subject near and dear: making it in the rap game. There are so many rap hopefuls that gaining success and distinguishing oneself from among the masses is a major accomplishment. Illicit raps about this in a far more interesting way than most, genre bending with a beat built around a practically hardcore rock sound. Very cool. Check it out.

Rockstar (ft Pappa Styles) – Illicit / Or from Mediafire


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