Ultra Music Festival 2011

May 4, 2011

I wish I was there...

Yes, I wish I could have gone. But instead of feeling bad for myself, I’ll post some of the mixes that came out of this awesome event. Oh, and I’m not going to mirror these on Mediafire. Uploading each mix takes 8-12 hours, so I’m just gonna have one download link for each one (at least for now). Just post in the comments if something isn’t working, and I can try to mirror it elsewhere.

First up is Martin Solveig. This is one of the best mixes to come out of Ultra this year. There’s a lot of dupstep, a lot of trance, and some rap thrown in for good measure. It’s a great mix.

Martin Solveig @ Ultra Music Festival 2011, Miami

Next is Deadmau5. Personally, I love Deadmau5, but a lot of people don’t. You probably already know whether or not you do, so you can listen to this one at your own discretion. (Tip: Do it.)

Deadmau5 @ Ultra Music Festival 2011, Miami

As usual, ATB has a pretty awesome trance mix. I like trance, so I really dig this mix. If you’re a fan of trance, there are much worse ways to spend 45 minutes.

ATB @ Ultra Music Festival 2011, Miami

Afrojack is somewhat less known than Deadmau5 or Martin Solveig, but this is another great mix. It’s not the best from the festival, but it’s pretty awesome if you know of and like Afrojack already.

Afrojack @ Ultra Music Festival 2011, Miami

I’m as sick of Satisfaction as anyone else, but Benny Benassi can still make a pretty good mix with a nice combination of dubstep and trance. I really like this one, everyone should at least give it a chance. It’s quite good.

Benny Benassi @ Ultra Music Festival 2011, Miami

Last one. Kaskade had a pretty awesome set, and you should check it out. Not much more to say on that, I guess. It’s awesome, you should listen to it.

Kaskade @ Ultra Music Festival 2011, Miami

If you don’t want to listen to 6+ hours of mixes, then just listen to the ones you know, but I assure you that they are all really good. If you have time, I highly recommend listening to all of them. Protip: If you didn’t already know, you can tell iTunes to remember where you left off in a song (the way it does for movies). I like turning this on for longer mixes. With the track highlighted in iTunes, press cmd+i for Macs and ctrl+i for Windows, go to the Options tab, and check “remember plackback position.”


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