Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven (Prod. Gramatik) – Pat Lee

May 4, 2011

There are two types of remixes out there. One is the remix in which a rapper or singer hops on to do their own verse. The other is where a producer reworks a song, adding or subtracting instrumental and vocal elements at will. This counts as both. Awhile back, I posted Gramatik‘s remix to “Stairway to Heaven” along with Fissunix‘s fabulous mashup of the remix. Recently this remix has gotten a lot of play in the blagosphere. And here’s another fabulous take on this remix. Pat Lee takes this remix and doesn’t just rap on top of it, he really works to match the beat flawlessly. His lyrics have that yearning to be great that come with most aspiring rappers these days. Unlike the vast majority of these, his lyrics are consistently good and his vocal range is interesting and his cadence matches the beat. Lee makes the the listener think the beat was made for him. If you enjoy this, keep an eye out. His album, amusingly named “Nameless” drops in a few weeks. Enjoy.

Stairway to Hip-Hop Heaven (Prod. Gramatik) – Pat Lee / Or from Mediafire



  1. hot track. great review. keep em comin.

  2. The beginning of this really strongly reminds me of some other song, but I don’t remember what it is… Something other than the other versions of this remix, I mean.

    • Oh, I think it’s the beginning of “Trying To Find A Balance” by Atmosphere. The spoken word over the acoustic guitar melody is pretty similar.

      • yeah! I was thinking it sounded a little like Atmosphere. Lee should see if Rhymesayers is interested in signing him.

  3. Badass.
    Usually I don’t feel that just rapping over an already-produced track counts as achieving anything, but this beat was crying out for exactly what he gave it.

    • Yeah same. He really worked with the track

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