Oh Sookie – Snoop Dogg

May 3, 2011

If someone were to ask you about the rap game nowadays, Snoop Dogg probably wouldn’t be the first person to jump to your mind. Yet, with this video, Snoop proves that he is still out there (and still better than most rappers today). Whether or not you like True Blood (I am apathetic) this is an enjoyable video and song. With lines like “Try to read my mind; you might get wet,” and “Bill ain’t for real, he ain’t Tru Blood; Snoop is a G, I smoke Tru Bud,” this is a hilarious and high quality song and video. Check it out.



  1. hahaha as a TrueBlood fan, I am amused. This is hilarious

    • It’s awesome. I watched the first four or five episodes of True Blood, but it didn’t grab me. No vampire show will ever live up to Buffy. I might watch through True Blood one day, but right now I have a lot of other stuff to watch. I just finished Lost, now I’m working on The Wire and I have The Sopranos lined up for my next series. Plus the shows I watch every week… I watch too much TV. Oh, and I’m waiting for The Walking Dead to come back this Fall, as well as Skins series 6 (anyone know if that’s on a half-year rotation or full-year? I don’t want to wait 8 more months…)

      • Yeah Buffy sets the standard high. haha nice. You should watch Community. That’s like my favorite show right now. I dunno when Skins comes back.

      • I’ve only seen 5 or 6 episodes of Community, but from what I’ve seen, Modern Family > Community.

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