Circus One (Presented by Doctor P and Flux Pavillion)

May 3, 2011

So, Doctor P and Flux Pavillion (along with UKF) recently got together and went around the interwebz looking for the filthiest, grimiest, wobbliest dubstep that they could find, and compiled it all into one awesome compilation album. It’s called Circus One, and it is freakin’ awesome. If you love music like Skrillex or Flux Pavillion, then this is an awesome compilation to pick up. As a sort of teaser, Messrs. P and Pavillion have put out a 10 minute long mix, using about 30 seconds from each song on the compilation. Hopefully, you’ve been listening to it as you read this, and hopefully you like it. If so, you should consider buying the compilation. As much as I hate the iTunes music store, it might be the easiest way to get the album if you live in the US. You can also buy it from HMV, but it will ship from the UK, which means that the shipping will probably be expensive.


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