Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XV

April 30, 2011

Happy Friday everyone! I’m writing this on my new computer. Well… It was. And I was… Ok it’s still Friday in California, so it’s cool. And it takes forever to transfer all my music to a new computer and get it running in a new iTunes install. Bleh. Anyways after much fun and silliness my friends decided I should make a Ridiculous Mashup playlist. It’s large. And ridiculous. And hilarious. Some of the songs have practically no musical merit other than being a hilarious idea, whereas some are not as hilarious and idea but good enough to be included. While a some of these songs have been posted before, more than two thirds of them I’ve never posted before. I hope the quantity, not to mention the hilarity, of these mashups make up for its tardiness. Enjoy!

Here is a link to the entire playlist in a zip folder.

And here are the individual songs:
Pirate’s Poetry Intro – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire
Fireflies Goin Down – Owl City vs Yung Joc / Or from Mediafire
Let It Be Me – Beatles vs. Shaggy / Or from Mediafire
Hungry Like the Sk8ter Wolf – Duran Duran vs. Avril Lavigne / Or from Mediafire
Are You Gonna Be My Animal – Jet vs. The Muppets / Or from Mediafire
Beethoven’s Fifth Gold Digger – Kanye West vs. Beethoven & Walter Murphy / Or from Mediafire
Boban Markologic (Daft Punk VS Boban Markovic) – M’siou Rigolitch / Or from Mediafire
House of Klezmer – House of Pain vs Amsterdam Klezmer Band and Pa Brapad / Or from Mediafire
Country Basket – Green Day vs. Nelly / Or from Mediafire
I Feel Pretty Fly – Offspring vs James Brown / Or from Mediafire
Ice Ice Tik Tok (Ke$ha vs. Vanilla Ice) – The Face Melters / Or from Mediafire
I Want Your Wonderwall – Jackson 5 vs. Oasis / Or from Mediafire
Fall Out Gloria – Gloria Gaynor vs. Fall Out Boy / Or from Mediafire
The Scientist Episode – Dr. Dre vs. Coldplay
Barbie Girl vs. Ghostbusters – Funtastic Power! / Or from Mediafire
Tik Tok Together (Ke$ha vs. The Beatles) – doctordude / Or from Mediafire
Smooth Romance [Santana ft. Rob Thomas Vs. Lady Gaga Vs. Van Halen] – Dan Mei & Marc Johnce / Or from Mediafire
Wonderplanes [B.O.B. feat. Hayley Williams vs. Oasis] – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire
It’s Whiskey – Pogues vs. Run DMC & The Dubliners / Or from Mediafire
Gay Muppet Bar – Muppets vs. Electic Six / Or from Mediafire
Kanye Mahna – Cake vs. Kanye West / Or from Mediafire
We No Speak Cantina [Star Wars Cantina Theme vs. Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP] – G3RSt / Or from Mediafire
Let’s Kung Fu Tonight – EWF Vs Carl Douglas Vs Ce Ce Peniston / Or from Mediafire
F#@% You, Santa! (NSFW) (Cee-Lo Green Vs. Jackson 5) – Voicedude / Or from Mediafire

Give me a head’s up if any of the links aren’t working and I’ll fix them. Have an awesome weekend!



  1. CRAZY coincidence that I was listening to “Let’s Groove” nay 30 minutes ago? I’m in LOVE with Let’s Kung Fu Tonight. Though you could just put me in a coma with Earth, Wind, and Fire and I’d be very happy.

    The Beatles + Shaggy tune is also a real gem. Do you know who made it?

    Santana + Lady Gaga was interesting. Didn’t match up 100%, but major props for creative thinking. (IMHO, Van Halen gets used enough in mashups as is…)

    A few tracks have really good potential, but the sound was a little dirty. I’d love to hear the Duran Duran vs. Avril Lavigne track when it doesn’t sound like it’s been compressed three times over.

    “Klezmerlogic” as I have renamed it in my head is very catchy. Very tight work with autotune.

    Also really digging Wonderplanes. And the Kanye + Cake thing is hilarious.

    • Hahaha, nice. Yeah, well as I said, these are not really high quality music, just hilarious ideas. Yeah “klezmerlogic” is one of my favorites here.

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