Fear Not the Dubstep IX

April 28, 2011

Well I managed to round up seven quality dubstep tracks to share with you all. And it is Thursday, so it’s time to share. Dubstep is nothing to fear. But it is really hard to find the free good stuff. Here’s what I got for you.

I’m starting off with this one because it’s probably the most famous of the tracks I have right now and it is damn good. Adventure Club has really made a name for themselves, and with good reason. These guys are some of the best remixers out there. I’m really impressed with Britney Spears right now. I like the original of this song and I was shocked that I did. She must be really good at reinventing herself. The original of this song is a decent progressive house track. Also now she’s hopped on the remix train! Ke$ha and Nicki team up on the official remix of this. Awesome. Well check out this remix, it’s got a hearty helping of bass to start this off.

Till the World Ends (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Britney Spears / Or from Mediafire

Next up is your requisite dose of Ellie Goulding. Who can go long without a lovely high voice and heavy bass? Well a bunch of people but we aren’t they. I’ve pretty much explained this kind of song to death so skip on to the listening!

Lights (The SoniXx Dubstep Remix) – Ellie Goulding / Or from Mediafire

Zed’s Dead is still going hard and here’s the evidence of that if you really needed it. This song is slower than some of their songs but it builds like a thunderstorm in the distance, getting closer. Dark and powerful is the aura that every Zed’s Dead track seems to exude and this is no exception. Check it out.

Only You (Zeds Dead Remix) – Jason Faulkner / Or from Mediafire

Next we have a Kanye remix. As Kanye remixes go this is kind of innovative. While the intro is pretty boring and standard, the remix builds into a dubstep symphony based around Kanye’s beat, not his lyrics. I’m pretty sure the only words in this are from the chorus “can we get much higher”. It’s interesting. And good. Enjoy.

Dark Fantasy (Figure Bootleg) – Kanye West / Or from Mediafire

Ephixa is a genius for this one. He takes the theme from the lost woods in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and turns it into an awesome and compelling dubstep track. Not to mention he samples Navi to drop the beat. Beautiful.


Remember how I was talking about liking a high voice and heavy bass? Yeah. Well. Here’s some more of that. What I like about this track is that the vocalist adds this little trill to almost every other word. It’s very attention grabbing and adds to the feeling of the singer being distant or otherworldly. Very cool. Enjoy.

Stories (Dream Remix) – Ghost & Misty / Or from Mediafire

This seemed like a good song to end on, simply because of the title. And it really feels like a positive spin on the title. Whereas “I Go Away” could be a sad ending, this song is full of hope and excitement for what’s to come. Unlike a lot of the dubstep tracks I’ve been posting this one uses far less bass and throws in a lot more whimsical high pitched runs and sparkles. It’s a very pretty and cute (from the vocals) song. Have a good day! Tomorrow is Friday!

I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix) – MNDR / Or from Mediafire


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