Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XIV

April 22, 2011

Happy Friday everybody! I’m blogging on my headphones next to my friends who are playing Smash Bros on the N64. It’s a pretty sweet setup. I can’t wait to be done with this computer though. It’ll be nice to have a computer that works consistently. Alright here we go so I can get back into this competition.

We’ll start you off with another full length White Panda track. By now you should know what to expect. Rap meets techno pretty flawlessly. Enjoy!

Exploration of Step – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

Next I’m going to post some old ones. These two are both Loo & Placido tracks and high quality. The Cure should be mashed and remixed more often. As it is, this song makes for a good basis for Nelly and makes for a highly enjoyable whole.

Nellycats -The Cure vs Nelly / Or from Mediafire

Another L&P. This track has a really nice beat to add to vocals from Destiny’s Child. I know that Destiny’s Child is remixed to death but this one totally works. Mashups have really evolved in the past couple of years but a good A+B mash is still gold. Check it out.

My Favourite Name – The Cardigans vs Destiny’s Child / Or from Mediafire

There’s not a lot I can say about this track. I’m not sure who made it. I’ve had it for awhile. All I know is that it’s really good. Mashups should explore the genre of glitch more. This mashup is not glitch per se but it turns glitch into a beat for Drake and Weezy. I approve. It’s kind of chaotic and beautiful.

Cosmic Terror Money to Blow – St. Andrew vs Drake / Or from Mediafire

DJ Jimi Needles is back with another mashup and as usual it’s awesome, chill and fresh. It’s a really funky, sunny approach to mashups. Which is awesome. Enjoy it.

Mr. Buzzin’ (Jimi Needles Acid Jazz Cocktail) – D-Funk vs Mann / Or from Mediafire

Marc Johnce is one of my favorite mashup artists because of how smooth his mixes feel. This one is no exception. This is also no A+B track. This is one of the more labor intensive pieces. This is a pop anthem for sure, here’s the line up: Pet Shop Boys vs. Britney Spears vs. Adele vs. Rihanna vs. Bloodhound Gang vs. Huey Lewis vs. The All-American Rejects. I love the addition of “Bad Touch”, it really rounds out the Britney and All-American Rejects. You think so?

The Power Of Rolling Along (Till The World Ends) – Marc Johnce / Or from Mediafire

And to end it all, a lovely Hood Internet track. They can be hit or miss, but this is definitely hit. They’ve done this before: taking a really beautiful cheerful indie song and twisting it into a quirky beat for a mainstream rapper (in this case Soulja Boy). And it really works. Happy Friday! Have a good weekend!

The Pains Of Going Hammer – Soulja Boy vs The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart / Or from Mediafire


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