You Need Me – Ed Sheeran

April 19, 2011

This track is really just enjoyable. On one hand it’s a relaxing acoustic guitar track and on the other, it’s a hard hitting rap song. Ed Sheeran is one crazy dude. His voice makes more sense in the acoustic track scenario, but he is a wordsmith that managed to write over five and half minutes of clever rhymes, insults, and self-praise better than many rappers in the game. His rap sounds a bit like Jason Mraz when Mraz raps. His accent differentiates him quite a bit and the sheer speed he can rap makes you take the song seriously. He alludes to many rap songs throughout this but makes it entirely his. It keeps building all the way to the last line of the song (which is hilarious and clever). I was introduced to a Ed Sheeran on Pigeons and Planes. The dude is skilled and has incredible range. In this song you can see that a little with his accent play. In others you can see by the other genres he goes into. Excellent overall. Check it out and download his three song EP here.

You Need Me – Ed Sheeran


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