Fear Not the Dubstep VIII

April 14, 2011

It’s Thursday! That means some electronic music! I know that’s not necessarily a big change but hey, you get seven songs instead of one today. That’s got to count for something. As homework is ever present, I shall attempt to keep this brief. Here we go. This week’s blogroll is: Earmilk, Sunset in the Rearview, and Pigeons and Planes.

First off, I recently heard that Willow Smith is a metal head, and really digs Lamb of God. This makes her song make a lot more sense in the headbanging world. In honor of this here’s another remix of it. Initially 8-bit this works its way nicely into a dubstep track. Oppressive bass is totally something you can whip your hair back and forth to. You agree?

Whip My Hair (Crizzly Remix) – Willow Smith / Or from Mediafire

Next up more of a funky twitchy electro track than a dubstep one. Speaking of genres, I want someone to create a dubstomp genre. How awesome would that be? Anyways enjoy this practically glitch electronic track.

Hunting (Ado Remix) – Malente vs Azzido Da Bass / Or from Mediafire

This track is one of those tracks with intro build after intro build. I don’t really like that. But about two minutes in this song gets a banging riff and then (again) intro builds into a very pretty electro house line. It’s like the calm after the storm, followed by dubstep thunderbolts. Lovely.

Hornet (OHHNO! Remix) – Attack 1985 & Nightbreaker / Or from Mediafire

Now I know I’ve posted a dubstep remix of “Go Low” before, but, but, but Rusko! I had forgotten I had this track. And if you’re ready for Friday, here’s a mashup for you. And the final Cockney bit of talking is too enjoyable and ending to pass up. Enjoy!

I Can Go Thug (Twerkshop Mashup) – Rusko vs Ludacris / Or from Mediafire

Next up, your requisite dose of Ellie Goulding. Her voice and dubstep go together like, like, some thing that goes together surprisingly well with something else. You know this already. So listen to it already!

Under the Sheets (Stephan Jacobs Remix) – Ellie Goulding / Or from Mediafire

And now for a little break out of dubstep and into more electro remix territory. You have to love Le Castle Vania. This song is just enjoyable. Mmmm. The vocals are very simple and very satisfying. Check it out.

Is You (Le Castle Vania Remix) – D.I.M. / Or from Mediafire

And to finish you off, a beautiful track from Dillon Francis, released free for public consumption. Isn’t that the best? Well let me answer that for you. Yes, on my income, that is the best. See you tomorrow (it’ll be Friday, yay!).

Beautician – Dillon Francis / Or from Mediafire


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