Fear Not the Dubstep VII

April 7, 2011

Happy Thursday all! I seem to be catching up with things. My schedule means that Monday is the worst and most hectic day of the week and everything calms down from there. I’ve fallen completely behind in blog cruising but I still have enough dubstep to make this post a fun one. I thank my mate, Shade, for sharing a bunch of stuff with me; I think five of these seven songs I got from him. Ok, ready? Here we go.

First off some Zeds Dead. This is the way to start a party, or a blog post for that matter. The remix starts out minimal and sparse and works itself into a frenzy of awesome bass and Stones. This is a classic for a reason. I think this is the first Zeds Dead I heard, over at Pigeons and Planes. Check it out.

Gimme Shelter (Zed’s Dead Remix) – Rolling Stones

Suddenly ran out of time. Speed blogging, go! Obligatory Ellie Goulding remix. Pretty vocals get heavy bass. Awesome as usual. Listen.

Lights (WIRED Dubstep Remix) – Ellie Goulding

I’ve liked Sky Ferreira since “One”. This is a good song too. The remix is true to the original. Just adds bass! Yum. Enjoy.

Obsession (Disco Fries Remix) – Sky Ferreira

DJ Schmolli. DJ Vaski. Rammstein. Sandstorm. Win.

Du hast Sandsturm – DJ Schmolli

Old song. Still hilarious. “Bad Touch” gets baaaaaassssss.

Bad Touch Dubstep (Prime Remix) – Bloodhound Gang

Twista or Ozzy? Who cares? It’s dubstep!

Crazy Train (Samples Remix) – Ben Samples

Obligatory Skrillex post. I sure hope this is free. Can’t find it in stores… Super good though. See you tomorrow!

Slats Slats Slats – Skrillex



  1. Late one strange night, Iain, Jeremiah and I got most of the way through recording a cover of Bad Touch in the style of Johnny Cash. It was pretty great.
    It’s lost now.

    • That needs to be resurrected

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