Rain Time (Justin Bieber vs Blind Melon) – the White Panda

April 2, 2011

Well. That sort of ruined my whole end of March Mashup Madness statement. The White Panda just dropped a new song yesterday. Who knew that JB and Blind Melon could work together. And well? Yeah. Skip it if you have heavy principles about the whole Justin Bieber thing. I don’t really. The kid has mad talent. I know this firsthand, because several years ago I was going to a play in Stratord, Canada at the Avon Theatre. There was this little kid outside playing guitar and singing. And the kid was good, really good. We all watched him for a while; I gave him a toony (sp?) and went and saw the show. I know, I know: pics or it didn’t happen. Well it just so happened that one of my friends took a video of this encounter, which I put on YouTube. A couple years later he gets signed by Usher, and more power to him. I’m just bummed he hasn’t really been keeping up the nice acoustic guitar that I first saw him playing. Anyways enough of my rambling, if you want to see the video here’s the link and here’s the mashup. Check it out.

Rain Time (Justin Bieber vs Blind Melon) – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE: So while this mashup was an April Fool’s day joke (I really meant to post it on the day.. but time gets away, you know), I still think it works, even if it’s more of an A+B mashup than anything difficult. Oh and I really did see JB. Don’t plan on seeing him again though.



  1. …I don’t know how I feel about this… I have nothing against Beiber, he likes what he does and he gets paid so good for him. However, that doesn’t mean I like his music. Plus, I love No Rain and this mashup kinda ruins it for me. I guess this one’s just not for me.

    • fair enough man

    • Also. It was an April Fool’s Day mashup. haha

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