Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. XI

April 1, 2011

Happy Friday! I survived my second trip on the Megabus in a week and I’m hanging with my friends for a few more days. This is more interesting than you might think as I’ve been in a Megabus before that managed to rear-end a semi. On the highway. No one was hurt but everyone was late. This time I was right on time. My friends have drifted to sleep and now it’s time to make a post. A mashup post.

March Mashup Madness is over, but I would say it was quite a success. I think a mashup post the day after should lessen the pain for everyone. Here’s a track from one of our stars, Mashup-Germany. This album dropped two days ago and here’s one of the tracks on it. Enjoy!

Hold yuh (Reggae Allstars) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

The White Panda kicked off March Mashup Madness so it’s only appropriate that they posted the full tracks to more of the songs on their new album. This is one of the tracks I wanted them to finish first. And it’s yet another Mike Posner mashup, although the Dre in here is what really matters. Check it out.

D.R.E. Don’t Go – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

This song is always a pleaser (unless people already don’t like mashups, then they hate it). Very simple set up, very effective delivery. Pop music, meet older pop music. Success.

Tik Tok Together (doctordude Mashup) – Ke$ha vs the Beatles / Or from Mediafire

Next up we’re going for something a bit smoother than that one. These songs mesh seamlessly and together make a beautiful techno house track. Audio Lynch is CJR and Marc Johnce working together, two mashup artists I respect already, but together their work is flawless. Of course they made two mashups together and haven’t done anything since. Bummer. But this track is awesome. Check it out.

Easy Sun (Long Edit) [Disco Freaks (Freemasons Mix) Vs. Dragonette] – Audio Lynch / Or from Mediafire

Here’s an old Hood Internet track. I love this one. It makes a chill song more urgent and a fast song a little more chill. Together it’s a great song to cruise to late at night through empty streets and blue-white streetlights.

Cult Logic Forever (Drake vs Miike Snow) – the Hood Internet / Or from Mediafire

And now for something funny. I think this song was the mashup that tipped my friend from “I hate every mashup on principle” to “huh, this is fun”. I mean who would ever think that Abba could fit with Korn? Not I for sure. Would you? Well you can find out right now.

Mia Freaky Mamma (on a Leash) – Korn vs Abba / Or from Mediafire

This is really the last song today since March Mashup Madness is over and I won’t be posting a bonus mashup track. Thus you should savor this one a little extra. Titus Jones posted a full album this past month too. While this track wasn’t on the album, this should demonstrate some of the power this dude has over pop music. Have an awesome weekend!

Gimme More Marmalade – Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, and Mya / Or from Mediafire


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  1. Early post, but I’m still up. 😀

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