Fear Not the Dubstep VI

March 31, 2011

Well it’s Wednesday as I write this but I’m trying to keep this week on schedule, which is difficult as it’s Spring Break. I’ll be riding the MegaBus again tomorrow, so I’m writing this now and I’ll post it in the morning. This week I got some house as well as the normal dubstep, but it’s all good so check it out.

This song is probably going to attract dubstep producers for quite some time. Which I’m fine with, it makes for some fun tracks. Enjoy the bass on this one. (via the Burning Ear)

Bass Down Low (feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix) – the Cataracs / Or from Mediafire

Alright, now lets bring it down a notch. Anyone remember this track? It’s the one that builds and builds and builds until the dubstep just must break through. It’s a wonderful trance remix otherwise. Perfect for her voice. Check it out if you haven’t before.

In For the Kill (Last Japan Skream ReEdit) – La Roux / Or from Mediafire

Here’s that progressive house I promised you. And yes, yet another Mike Posner remix. Need I say anything more? It’s good. Try it.

Please Don’t Go (Dave Edwards Remix) – Mike Posner / Or from Mediafire

Not enough filth for you? Here’s a large helping. Brought to you by the producer Vaski, you know this track has got some serious bass to it. Spotted this one and the next one on Decently Dope. Enjoy.

Blackout – Vaski / Or from Mediafire

This one is fun. I love it when dubstep samples dialogue. Especially when it’s overdramatic dialogue about a werewolf. How great is that? Awesome.

The Werewolf (Dubstep Mix) – Figure / Or from Mediafire

I spotted this one, rather appropriately in Earmilk’s Spring Break “Wobble Wednesday” post. And I approve so much. The vocals are just pretty and the dubstep builds from a gentle beginning to throbbing peak. Check it out.

Sunlight (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Diana Vickers / Or from Mediafire

And to finish the post off, my favorite of the bunch. This song is made in the style of the last song but it’s just a little more enticing. The vocals are just as pretty in this song, but they have a better hook. Tell me if you agree. Credit to Earmilk again on this one.

Teenage Crime (Trumpdisco Remix) – Adrian Lux / Or from Mediafire


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