Street Hawk Pt. II

March 29, 2011

Remember Futurecop!? Wow it’s hard to write about a band that ends in an exclamation point. I posted “Tonite’s Hero” awhile ago and mentioned that on March 29th they were dropping a EP. So I’ve been faithfully waiting, but today instead of an EP they gave out this announcement:

Big News! We are thrilled to announce a pending label partner, so we have decided to push back the release of our album.

It was one of the sadder things I’ve ever read, but they gave me something to keep me going, a new single. Here it is. It’s pretty different from “Tonite’s Hero”. For one, it has no rap in it which I really liked in the other song. This song emphasizes the retro dance feeling from the last song. The vocals are good but get rather repetitive. Oh well. It’s still good. And I’m glad they got a label. Check out the new track and rest assured that I will post on the EP whenever and hover it does appear.

UPDATE: I was contacted by Shawn Ward aka FM Attack. He informs me that this song is “a copyright infringement in dispute and [that] they did not write the song or have rights to it”. So I have removed this track. I am leaving up Starworshipper because it sounded like that song is not in contention. If it, too, is currently receiving legal action, please notify me.
Street Hawk Pt. II – Futurecop! / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: Futurecop! had a remix contest of one of their songs “Starworshipper” and said they would include their favorite remix on their EP. Since the EP isn’t here yet, I don’t know who won, but here’s the original of “Starworshipper”. This is very similar to the song above, but in my opinion much better, and not just because it has some rap in it. Enjoy.

Starworshipper – Futurecop! / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE: For some reason the player for “Starworshipper” has been glitching (maybe it’s my intermittent internet?) As far as I can tell the file itself is unchanged. If it works for you, well great, if not, then download it from Mediafire to hear it with out the annoying restart a minute in. Works fine in Chrome though.




    let it be known that the music in the mp3 in this posting of “Street Hawk Pt. II – Futurecop!

    was 100% written and recorded by Fm Attack and is in copyright infringement

  2. I’m loving Futurecop!. Yeah you’re right, that is hard to write… Anyway, looking forward to the EP (or LP, as it may become).

  3. what happened with the fm attack legal issue over the street hawk track?

    anyone with half a pussy or a dick could hear that the entire track was done by fm attack.
    did he get paid out?

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