Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. X

March 26, 2011

So I’m still on the MegaBus writing my blog in Word while wearing my hoodie backwards to listen to the songs I’m writing about. Long story. Anyways, right now it is Friday. By the time I post this it may be Saturday. But Saturday is still an awesome day of the week. Besides, since it’s Spring Break, every day is a Friday for me! Haha! Happy Friday all!

To start us off, what better than a song that the White Panda put together last year for Spring Break. They picked the song names so that together it is called “Tipsy In the Sun”. Sadly it was snowing when I left today it is probably going to snow when I get home. That’s life. My girlfriend thinks it should stay 24 out until mid-April when it should suddenly become 80 and sunny. So she’s probably pleased by this. Meh. I’m pleased by this song; Weezer should be mashed up more often.

Tipsy in the Sun – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire

I love it when Pigeons and Planes posts mashups because they’re usually awesome ones I haven’t heard before. I’m going to repost two of those. First this awesome Indian version of “Lip Gloss”. Who knew I could get psyched about that song again? I’m not sure this is really a mashup because it’s called a remix but it sounds like two songs. I’ll trust Confusion on it. Check it out.

Lip Gloss (Bomarr Remix) – Lil Mama / Or from Mediafire

This next one would totally be one of my favorite but it ends with an extended a cappella, which I think is sloppy. Ratatat makes amazing beats, I don’t know why they haven’t been utilized in more mashups already. “99 Problems” is one of the easiest rap a cappellas to mash up simply by beat matching, but Ratatat’s sick and engrossingly interesting beat makes this track completely beautiful… up until the 2:44 mark where the beat dries up. At that point, I always end the song. Take a listen.

One Problem (Jay-Z vs Ratatat) – Everett Glomp / Or from Mediafire

The Friendly Giant has a new mashup! This dude is just pumping them out. I feel like I’ve heard at least one new one every week. Awesome. This one really focuses on lyrics. As a lyrical mashup this one is spot on and the music fits well too. What more can you ask? Beautiful.

Beautiful Kids – The Friendly Giant / Or from Mediafire

Next up is an oldie, but a goodie. “Feel Good, Inc” was one of my favorite songs when it came out. This mashup brings out its darker side with a healthy dose of bass from the Crystal Method. This is a good song to cruise to with the bass turned up. I know. I’ve tried it. Try it on for size.

Feel Detective, Inc – Crystal Method vs Gorillaz / Or from Mediafire

Talking about oldies has made me wonder when the last time I posted an oldies mashup was. Unfortunately, the internet on this bus has stopped working, so I can’t check. Anyways, I think I’ll just fix that problem now. This one has the Beatles, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, and some samples, not to mention a bit of Placido from Loo & Placido who made this track. If that’s not enough oldies I guess I’ll just start looking for more. What do you think? Enough?

Safari Love – Loo & Placido / Or from Mediafire

We’re just a few days away from the release of Mash Mob and I’m getting tingles. Just to make sure you didn’t forget about Ben Stilller, here’s a slick track from Mashup-Germany. And yes, here’s your Ellie Goulding for the day. He puts down a swing-y horn line to back this, which I appreciate. Hope you do too. Enjoy.

One Starry Memory – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: And in honor of March Mashup Madness, here’s your bonus mashup. Air provides an airy, yes I said it, background to a Will Smith track “Summertime”. Smith’s songs can feel a little corny these days, but with the addition of Air, this song is anything but. Entitled, “All I Need is Summertime,” this song expresses the familiar feelings rising in me as Spring Break rolls round again. Enjoy the chill vibes.

All I Need is Summertime – Will Smith vs Air / Or from Mediafire


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