Graveyard Shift – Space Command

March 26, 2011

I’m going to take a page out of CNN’s book. Space Command tweets: “I’m always asking people, “how do I promote my band?” and the response seems to be, “get a twitter account.” Ok now what?” Well I don’t know Space Command, I saw you on Twitter first, so I think it’s working. I love this song. Beautiful harmonies, excellent usage of synths to supplement the live band, and fun hooks. Also. The production is squeaky clean. It starts out slow and wistful and builds to a lovely tempo with, let me emphasize this again, beautiful harmony. Clocking in at around seven minutes, this song qualifies for epic. Listen.

Graveyard Shift – Space Command

BONUS: And because it would be silly to make another post on Space Command immediately after this one, here’s another song of theirs which is also unbelievably good. This one is shorter and keeps a constant beat, so I can’t call it epic, but it is excellent. More of that wonderful harmony on top of a fun 8-bit track to supplement guitar and drum. As a mashup fan, I love it when people emphasize good production in a song. This is a great song. I can’t wait for these guys to make more music. Remember to check their site for their third song which I’m not posting here.

Ryu vs. Chun-Li – Space Command



  1. Book marked, I love your blog! 🙂

  2. That’s cuz Space Command is amazing.

    • Digging your stuff too

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