Free Fallin’ Forever – Doug Bogan

March 23, 2011

When I first heard Doug Bogan, he was going by On The Rise and had just made this sick mashup of “How Low” and “Whatcha Say?” with a healthy dose of dubstep (and now that I’ve been reminded, that’s going on the dubstep post tomorrow), these days he’s mostly just going by his name. Last week I posted that sweet mashup he did of Taylor Swift and Tech N9ne. Today I got an email from his team sharing some more of his stuff. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard this mashup before but I’m not sure when, which is strange, because this is a really smooth mashup. I love the way his beat fits in with the “Free Fallin'” riff. It’s a much chiller rendition of “Forever” than I’ve heard in other mashups. If you don’t relax a little to this I’ll be surprised. Check it out.

Free Fallin’ Forever – Doug Bogan / Or from Mediafire

While you’re listening to that, here’s a little more info on Doug Bogan.

Over the past year-and-a-half, Doug has established himself as a mashup artist in the college music scene. What began as fraternity parties on campus at Bucknell University quickly evolved into high-intensity shows all over the Northeast, including opening spots for nationally-renowned artists such as Sam Adams, Chris Webby, Napalm, and The Dean’s List while playing in venues such as Trackside, The Middle East and Webster Hall. He has enjoyed great success with some of his previous mashups, including Hypem “Top 20” statuses.
He has rocked crowds almost every weekend for the past year and set to open for the Dean’s List March 26 at Bucknell. He is currently finalizing a May concert in NYC with 5 & a Dime, Kap Slap, Brenton Duvall and Greg Golterman.

And he wants you to know, yes you, that he is open for future shows. If you want this mix master to play for your venue, you should contact Ryan Gardner at DougBoganMgmt@gmail.com for more information.

BONUS: And here’s his latest mashup. I love how he picks awesome songs to mashup. Here he’s using that Cudi remix I posted earlier as his beat for that N.A.S.A. song, “Gifted” for a really cool end result. Enjoy!

The Gifted Zone – Doug Bogan / Or from Mediafire


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