We Are Superstars – the White Panda

March 21, 2011

So at first I was like oh cool, the White Panda‘s going to put out some full tracks. Then I was like, well we already had the full version of “Fly & Freaky”. Then I was like, ok cool, the Ke$ha mash, I liked that one. Then I was like, they only added 22 seconds? Then I listened to it.

They actually did quite a bit to this song. It has the uninterrupted intro, and the same build from Pandamonium, but then we get something more about a minute and a half in. It returns to the relaxed world beat from the intro and then smacks us with a final chorus with all the techno and Ke$ha vocals from before plus an extra set of hooks from Ke$ha. And we’ve known that Ke$ha is good at delivering hooks ever since Flo Rida put her on “Right Round”, so this is a bonus to the song. March Mashup Madness delivers again, this time in a smoother flow for the more progressive house advocates among us. Enjoy.

We Are Superstars – the White Panda / Or from Mediafire


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