House of Balloons – the Weeknd

March 21, 2011

Don’t you love a mystery? I’m sure this one will be cleared up within a month but I’m so curious as to who the Weeknd is right now. Drake presents the Weeknd on his website and no one gives any information as to who he or they are. According to Pigeons and Planes, we have a couple pictures similar to the one above, and Drake’s introduction and that’s about it. Anyways they dropped a mixtape out of the blue yesterday. Download it here.

While your download is loading, here are a few of the tracks on the album. First off is one I’m tentatively calling my favorite. You can really see the influence of Drake in the vocals, and that’s a compliment. I haven’t really dug into some R&B in awhile. This is nice.

Wicked Games – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire

Here’s a practically eight minute long song. Its length makes it verge into trance territory but it’s so good when it hits the shift point from the party to the after party (about halfway through the song, you’ll see what I mean). Digging it.

The Party & The After Party – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire

Now if your download hasn’t finished yet, your internet needs an upgrade. But I like these songs so much I’m just going to post a couple more. This is the track that lured me into downloading it. There are parts of this where his voice is just raw emotion. Beautiful.

The Morning – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire

This last one has the same lovely, eerie R&B vocals but drops some dirty, practically dubstep bass part way through. Excellent combination.

High For This – the Weeknd / Or from Mediafire


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