Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. IX

March 18, 2011

Happy Friday! It’s midterms weekend for me. That means stress is coming. That could mean one of two things for the blog… A week of sparse posting (by me, mashix. scaw might post a bit, not sure) as I study and outline and read and write and edit and stress. Or a week of a lot of posts prompted by extreme procrastination. Time will tell. As it is, I’m enjoying my weekend as much as I can. Let’s start it off with a heavy dose of March Mashup Madness!

First off, a brand new mashup by the talented The Friendly Giant! Here’s what he has to say about this one:

It’s pretty simple, but I’m still happy with how it turned out– it’s meant to be played very loud and hopefully it’ll get you moving.

He’s right, it really deserves loud volume to be enjoyed. It’s a dance track and you need to feel the beat to really bounce to it. My favorite mashup of “Overnight” is still the White Panda‘s “Overnight Panther” (I posted that here) but this one is still quite fun. Enjoy (at loud volumes hopefully).

Twisted (Friendly Giant Mashup) – Twista vs Pendulum / Or from Mediafire

I came across this mashup on Dirty Mexican Lemonade while unsuccessfully trying to find an early release of Big Z Remixes lastest album. It’s just my kind of mashup, rap meets progressive house. Very fun. Hope you like it too.

Electric Hustlin’ ft. Mord Fustang and Rick Ross – Tim Gunter / Or from Mediafire

So I like this one a really sort of guilty way. Too much T-Swift for it to be really legit to like. But it turns banjo and fiddle into a beat! How could I resist that? Doug Bogan‘s pretty talented with pop mashups. I’ve known about him for about a year now, I don’t really remember who introduced me to him but he’s just gotten better in that time. This one isn’t terribly new but it’s so fun. Check out his newer stuff on his SoundCloud. Enjoy the beat!

Our Caribou Song (Doug Bogan Mashup) – Taylor Swift vs Tech N9ne / Or from Mediafire

And now for the requisite Ellie mashup. Mochi Beats always keeps it interesting so you should enjoy this one. I think it is now my favorite version of this song (previously Chiddy Bang’s version). Hopefully this will now be your favorite too! Enjoy! (via Sunset in the Rearview)

Keep Me Under the Sheets (Mochi Beats Remix) – Ellie Goulding vs Three 6 Mafia / Or from Mediafire

Did you know that Starfucker made mashups? Neither did I! Awesome! And with Gucci Mane? Cool. Listen Before You Buy brought this important information to my attention and now I bring it to yours. I hope you use this knowledge wisely.

Running Back Dragon Monkey (Starfucker Mashup) – Gucci Mane Vs. Skeletron / Or from Mediafire

If you’re not excited that Mashup-Germany is putting out an album at the end of the month, then you’re not paying attention. I post this in the hopes that you will take proper notice. Mashup-Germany makes epic mashups. How more epic could this? Oh right, a sample from the Lion King. That’s right. Not just Rihanna and Chiddy Bang and Disturbed. Even more. Get excited.

I love the way you mix (Lie) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

To end, I want to post an old favorite mashup of mine. It is one of the smoothest mashups I have, the only exception maybe being another song by the same artist, Voidstar. Daft Punk meets Guns N Roses. Except that wouldn’t be smooth, so Voidstar takes a smooth cover of it to mash, and the female vocals mesh nicely with the Daft Punk. It’s skillfully done. Enjoy it.

Sweet World Of Mine (Voidstar Mashup) – Daft Punk vs Banda Do Sul / Or from Mediafire

BONUS: And here’s your March Mashup Madness bonus track. It’s a simple funny little mashup that circulated YouTube awhile ago. Enjoy an Office version of Lil Wayne and have an great weekend!

Office Musik (Clockwork Edit) – Dwight K. Schrute vs. Weezy / Or from Mediafire



  1. The Mashup-Germany mashup is just awesome. I like how the Lion King sample that starts around 0:23 is only really distinguishable for about 4 seconds before just becoming part of a seamless beat made of it and a bunch more stuff. And then of course the dialogue sample later is great.

    • Yeah. Dude has mad talent

  2. Just got around to listening to these. Been pretty busy lately. I absolutely love the Daft Punk and Guns n Roses cover mix. Really cool. Oh and I haven’t heard that Weexyxoffice mix in awhile, nice to hear that one again.

    • Yeah I empathize man, Midterms are sucking for me. Good! Yeah I like that one a lot.

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