Fear Not the Dubstep (Synths and Wobs IV)

March 17, 2011

So what do you think of the new name? Should it stay? This is my favorite of the names that have been floated. Of course it might not always be dubstep… Well anyways, happy St Patrick’s Day! I hope you’re having fun! I finished a paper and went on a walk! It was warm and sunny and the ground was practically dry. I only found one patch of snow. And now, it’s time for some dubstep. And the blogroll: DecentlyDope, Earmilk, and Sunset in the Rearview

In honor of March Mashup Madness, I’m starting off with a few dubstep remix/mashups. First up, David Guetta meets Shady’s “Superman”. Plus dubstep. Fytch is a master! This track is just so satisfying. It’s one of the slower dubstep tracks but it uses the best parts of “Don’t Let Me Go” to emphasize the beat and throws Eminem in casually at points. The beat drop is classy and otherwise, it’s just good dubstep, nice and dirty.

Love Don’t Let Me Go (Fytch’s Superman Remix) – David Guetta / Or from Mediafire

To follow that, another mashup! Unlike the post on Diplo’s remix of “Motivation”, I have trouble talking circles of sexual innuendo around this song. There’s no double meaning, it’s just dirty. I mean what do you expect from a track called “Nympho”? Well yeah. The filthy bass fits the filthy lyrics. Enjoy.

Nympho (Bad Trip Dub Mashup) – Borgore vs. Ultrablack / Or from Mediafire

This mashup is appropriately entitled “I Do Dubstep”. I approve. Don’t you? I’ve posted DOSVEC before. He’s got mad skills and you should check out his stuff.

I Do DubStep (DOSVEC Mashup) – Twista vs We Bang / Or from Mediafire

Alright. Last mashup of the post. I think. Dubstep takes the Beatles to town. Always fun right? Right. This one works with the string section in “Lonely People” and takes it in a very interesting direction. I like it. It’s not hectic, rather it’s very chill, practically relaxing, as dubstep goes. Hope you like it too.

Lonely People – Dub & Run Vs The Beatles / Or from Mediafire

Next up is a sick track that has been making the rounds of the intarblags. It’s faster paced than the last track for sure, and it’s in a the happy indie rock remix side of dubstep which always pleases me. The Kids At The Bar have some other really awesome stuff. I recommend you get to know them better. Enjoy this one.

Walking On A Dream (Kids At The Bar Remix) – Empire of the Sun / Or from Mediafire

And now a remix for those pop dance parties where you just want some dubstep. You know what I’m talking. What better to get both dubstep fans and pop fans dancing together? Another “Whip My Hair” remix! These remix artists need to keep up better, she has a new song out! Ha. Enjoy.

Whip My Hair (Crizzly Remix) – Willow Smith / Or from Mediafire

And lastly a track by Zed’s Dead. I had forgotten them but they recently dropped a new track and here it is. But don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll post some of their other tracks here as well at some point. Enjoy the wobs from the remix.

Rude Boy (The Killabits Remix) – Zeds Dead & Omar LinX / Or from Mediafire


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