Never Change (Mixtape) – Big Z Remixes

March 15, 2011

Today’s the day! I’ve been waiting since noon (I know, early right?). And here it is (finally)! Big Z Remixes dropped his fourth album, Never Change, today. His remix albums are always a change of pace. His work usually strips a song down to the vocals and then builds it back up using refreshingly minimalist sounds. When he makes a mashup, he doesn’t use either of the original instrumentals, he makes his own and puts the verses together, sometimes rearranging them to bring a new feel or meaning to the song. He is mad talented. Here’s the download link and I’ll update with some tracks I like once I’ve listened to it. Happy March Mashup Madness all!

UPDATE 1: This Khalifa remix is slow and deliberate and good. I love how Zach Caraher has mastered the slow high synth. It’s great.

Say Yeah (ft Wiz Khalifa) – Big Z Remixes / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE 2: In contrast this track is far more upbeat going back and forth between horn and organ synths. As usual it fits perfectly with the original track.

Stand Up (ft. Ludacris) – Big Z Remixes / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE 3: Wow I’m basically posting these tracks in order. But that just goes to show how good this mixtape is. I would have to post this even if it wasn’t very good (which it is, it’s awesome) because it features Felt. As a staunch Atmosphere fan, I’ve gotta rep Slug when I can. Excellent lyrics, meet excellent backing.

Give It Up (ft. Felt) – Big Z Remixes / Or from Mediafire

UPDATE 4: Alright I’m not posting any more. Download the mixtape here. If I was just posting my five star rated songs from this album I would post eight or nine tracks… So download it!



  1. I like the mixtape, but is anyone else sick of “Say Yeah”? I am… That song is thrown into so many mashups and remixes that it drives me crazy now.

    • Ha. That’s what happened to me and “Fuck You,” but you know… catchy music is catchy….

      • I avoided “Fuck You” remixes like the plague; I didn’t want to ever have that happen (except Chiddy’s, I just had to see what they did with it).

      • Yeah… But I’ll play my dubstep version of it at dance parties if people request the original…

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