One Of These Nights (Bobby Analog Goes To 99 Remix) – The Eagles

March 14, 2011

So everyone has a plan B (not the British pop/rap band) right? A plan for their life if their original goals don’t come to fruition. My plan B is a shared plan B with a friend of mine. His plan B is to own and run an upscale gay dance club. My plan B is to DJ for said club. My plan Z (is not zombies, that’s somewhere earlier in the alphabet) is to move to California, learn to surf, and wait tables; it would be awesome. But this track is the one I played that prompted my friend to invite me to be his DJ should he ever open the dance club which we’re currently calling Side Saddle (our favorite name so far). I can see where he’s coming from. It has that 80s disco feel to it without exactly being disco. If anything it’s closer to house, but whatever it is it’s enjoyable. Many people would say it even makes the Eagles enjoyable, but I already liked them, so yeah… Hope you like it and come to patronize Side Saddle if we ever open it!

One Of These Nights (Bobby Analog Goes To 99 Remix) – The Eagles / Or from Mediafire


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