Donald Trump in the New Gilded Age – Sole

March 12, 2011

I don’t usually post on weekends but sometimes you just hear something that really gets you going (saw it on Pigeons and Planes). This is political so don’t bother reading on if you’re not into it. I usually try to keep this site politics free maybe I shouldn’t, but this is going to be my exception. Here’s what Sole has to say for himself:

The other day I was watching the new Mac Miller video, “Donald Trump.”

The song got stuck in my head, and I became obsessed with it. I watched a few Mac Miller videos and decided he seemed like a good person. After all the bullshit I’ve dealt with over the years, the last thing I felt like doing was making something that could be construed as a diss record. Because lets be honest, diss records are not very #BASED.

Over the past few months I’ve been slowly releasing my previous Nuclear Winter detournments as I finish them. So far I have released “Bradley Manning Swag,” “Generation Hot,” & “White Rage.” This time I decided to go after Donald trump himself, the CEO/dictator ego, and the absurdity of making songs about “balling” in a time where adults are earning wages unworthy of high school students. Under Obama, the American empire continues to overreach, overspend, and under plan for the future.

Times are literally changing back. Democracy has swept the Middle East & African countries our chicken hawks have surely planned contingency/invasions on.

Americans stay passive as ever, with few impressive exceptions. I suffer no illusions about the importance of talking about these issues in my music. But it won’t prevent me from talking about what matters to me.

I think about the opiatic role that art takes in our society. I think about the music blogs who seem to be perfectly content promoting art that does very little to intervene in our society or educate. I think about all my musician friends who are so broke and depressed because labels put their needs ahead of the artists. I think about how the middle class has dissolved into thin air and the top 1% have only gotten richer since 9-11. I think about the Bho Pal India chemical spill and how these wall street leaches go unpunished. I think about the fate of Kool Herc. I think about how as fast as the pentagon cats burn money, the Federal Reserve is always there to print more. I think about the book “Society of the Spectacle” by Guy debord, and how this book has only become more and more of a prophecy over the past 40+ years since its publication.

I feel kinda bad about dropping this song as tsunamis sweep over Japan. But its done, so here it is. I wrote this song on Wednesday. There was no existing instrumental to the original, so I hit up Buddy Peace to cut it up and make a song out of it. I knew we’d be getting lighter fluid everywhere, so I didn’t wanna do it in my house. I called up Travis Egedy aka pictureplane and asked if we could do it at the Rhinoceropolis. His response was “that’s what the rhinoceropolis is for.” Edited the lyrics and video together this morning and its uploading to youtube now.

I release this song with nothing but positive will and love for all my fellow artists. This is some fuck Donald trump shit and everything he stands for shit. Recently on CNN Trump said we should be charging foreign counties for our military interventions. I think we should just close down all our bases, dismantle the CIA, the pentagon, and take care of our citizens.

My new album with the skyrider band “Hello Cruel World” drops on Fake Four Inc in July.


Download this track here.


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