Dubstep Mike – Mashup-Germany

March 11, 2011

Ok, ok. My life is complete. Mashup-Germany has ventured into dubstep. Words fail me, this is too cool. This just brings a ton of things I like and makes it into a song. First of all, I posted the Vaski Remix of “Sandstorm” about a week ago. The day before that I posted a remix of “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”. I love dubstep. I love Posner remixes. I love mashups from Ben Stilller. All given to me in one today. This is Mashup-Germany’s first foray into the wonderful world of dubstep and he seemed a little nervous about it. I hope he keeps it up because this is sick. The lyrics to Bow Chicka Wow Wow don’t really fit the ominous epic mood that the Vaski Remix of Sandstorm brings to the track. But on a purely aesthetic note, I think the mashup completely works. The ending is a little abrupt but that should be easy to smooth out by the time the album drops. Enjoy yet another mashup (I bet you thought after my lump post I’d be done for the day, didn’t ya?) from the upcoming album “Mash Mob”, dropping on March 30th. What a great way to close March Mashup Madness. I cannot wait for the download.



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