Synths and Wobs III

March 10, 2011

Any thoughts for a better name for these posts? I think this one’s kind of bland. Hit me up in the comments section if you have any thoughts on that. Thursday again and I’m poring over my iTunes to give you some stellar stuff. But do you realize how hard it is to find non-commercial tracks? i just realized that you can buy over three quarters of the dubstep i have on my computer on iTunes. Annoying when I’m trying to stick to a policy of only posting tracks you can’t buy (user submissions welcome, hint hint). Here’s what I got for ya. (Now it’s harder to do a blogroll on a mix of new and old tracks but here’s what I got: Dirty Laces, DecentlyDope, and Earmilk)

So to start off I’m posting a remix, that, though titled a dubstep remix, is so much more. I really meant to give this track its own post but time, work, and school got in the way. So I’m posting it in the Synths and Wobs because it dominates those. But they also throw down some a new verse on to this song giving it both meanings of the term remix (both reinventing the instrumental & messing with the vocals and adding a new verse to it to claim a track as partially theirs). AudioDax already had my deep respect for some of their original stuff and now they throw some serious skills (a bit of 8bit and dubstep too) onto a remix of Mike Posner. Sick.

Cheated (AudioDax Dubstep Remix) – Mike Posner / Or from Mediafire

Next up we got pop song given a new dubstep home. Taio Cruz and Ke$ha? Definitely pop. Wobs and Wobs? Definitely dubstep. This is another one of those tracks you can play at a dubstep dance party to get people excited to dance.

Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix) – Taio Cruz ft Ke$ha / Or from Mediafire

Is it that time again? Yep! Time for the requisite Skrillex track. This time it’s not remixed by Skrillex but a Skrillex track remixed by someone else (ie Crystalised, an artist I’m having trouble tracking back…). But anyways, it’s got all the rage you could ask for. And they throw in the “oh my god!” past the halfway mark which seems to be in tons of songs these days (isn’t it from some youtube video with cups? I can’t remember…).

Kill Everybody (Crystalised remix) – Skrillex / Or from Mediafire

Now I’m still not sure how I feel about this track. I love the idea of dubstep remixes of metal, but I don’t think that this attempt really does it justice. What do you think?

Wake Up (La Musique D’Ordinateur Remix) – Suicide Silence / Or from Mediafire

On to the remixes of popular songs! This has been circulating the blagosphere for couple of weeks that I’ve seen. It’s fun but not as well put together as it could have been. Just wait for the Cudi track I’m sharing, that is well put together. You’ll see the difference. This one keeps to sparse aesthetic that Jay-Z started with and should be running faster and more hectic than it is. But it’s still a good track.

Big Pimpin'(SUBshockers Dubstep Remix) – Jay-Z / Or from Mediafire

Next up someone remixed Bulletproof. There’s something about those airy female vocals that just attracts dubstep producers, I’m telling you. Enjoy it.

Bulletproof (Foamo’s Dubstep Remix) – La Roux / Or from Mediafire

This track is triumphant as hell. Wow. This artist took my favorite part from Cudi’s track and expanded it into a beautiful electronic song in its own right. It’s heavily dubstep influenced but that lightning quick synth solo in the second half of the song comes from another genre. This song just makes you feel like you’re winning. Perfect track to end on.

Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix) – Kid Cudi / Or from Mediafire

PS So it’s been called to my attention that the plugin I’m running to play mp3s on my site has an intermittent glitch with Firefox where pressing play on one song after listening to another song all the through can play both songs simultaneously. This happening to anyone else? Any thoughts on a solution? My programming knowledge extends about as far as html and java…



  1. I’ve always encountered that glitch but it’s never really bothered me to pause the track I don’t want to listen to and move on with my life.
    Anyway, that metal remix doesn’t really work, though it clearly has potential, and those two genres could do great things together.
    The so-called Jay-Z remix is really just a song that samples Jay-Z . . . the line is blurry and all, but seriously, it just uses him as a background effect. The track could be put together better but I’m still digging the combination of dubstep with Indian rhythms.

    • Gotcha. I tend to use Chrome so I didn’t notice until my girlfriend pointed it out (she’s very anti-Google).
      Yeah that’s what I’m saying! I don’t know why it hasn’t been done before (or done well, or publicized, etc). Metal and dubstep just seem like they would make great bedfellows.
      Huh. I hadn’t even pegged the rhythms. Good call. That makes me like it a bit more.

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