Lean on Girl – The Proffesor David Aaron

March 9, 2011

So I’ve mentioned GarageBand.com before, when I did a post on KSXi. It’s not to be mistaken with the Mac program, it was a website where unsigned artists could put up their work in any genre, to get their music out there and heard by peers, fans, and label reps. These days that’s mostly done on Myspace and SoundCloud, which makes sense seeing as iLike bought GarageBand.com, and Myspace bought (or entered some form of partnership with) iLike. But I miss that site. It was really cool; I would just select the genre I was feeling and it would take me to a chart of the most listened to, most favorited, or most recent music in that genre, telling me what country it was made in and linking me to streaming and, depending on the artist’s preference, downloading. It also had this really cool idea: its most popular tracks for a week were grouped by genre and available on iTunes as a podcast.

Anyways, I found this band (or solo act, not sure) on GarageBand.com. So that dates it for you. It’s pretty old but really good. And I see it nowhere online except for their iLike profile, ported from GarageBand.com with default links to “Buy” the songs, not that they exist on iTunes. This is pretty sad considering the spelling of “Proffesor” is distinctive enough to make an excellent search term. So I bring it to you in the hopes of spreading the legacy of a perhaps fallen by the wayside project and maybe hearing feedback from anyone who knows more than I do.

This song is what I had to listen to after the first time I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. I said to myself (and the friends in the car), what can follow that? I need something rocking, but indie, practically lo-fi, but with electronic influences. This immediately sprang to mind. What I really treasure in this song is the vocals, especially the repetition building in the chorus that becomes a round later. It’s just very satisfying. I hope you like it, because I think from time to time I’m going to post artists I haven’t heard from in years like this one that I found on sites like GarageBand.com or PureVolume. Try it out for size.

Lean on Girl – The Proffesor David Aaron / Or from Mediafire


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