Culture Shock – Titus Jones

March 8, 2011

But I’m not letting you get away that easy! It’s still March Mashup Madness and you need your dose of mashups right? Titus Jones, an expert at picking songs to mash that get people going “ooh this my song!” has put out an album. When you say? Well I can’t tell for sure if it came out at the very end of February or the very beginning of March but I’m going to assume March because that lends credence to my whole March Mashup Madness theory. Anyways this album is awesome. Download it. It’s entitled Culture Shock and that’s a pretty accurate title. Pokemon? I mean come on, it’s awesome!

PokéStar – Titus Jones / Or from Mediafire

Still not hooked? What if the track directly following that mashed The Scorpions, Rihanna, Dev, Usher Feat. will.i.am, and Ludacris Feat. Shawnna at a frenetic pace?

Rock Your S&M Fantasy Down Low – Titus Jones / Or from Mediafire

Not enough pop? Let me fix that.

Touchin’ On A Firework Sucks – Titus Jones / Or from Mediafire

You can download Culture Shock on Titus Jones’ website here.



  1. Oh my goodness it is a mashup featuring the Pokémon theme song I have never been so happy.

    • Right?! There’s a rapper that samples it but not as well as I’d like. This one is just fun!

  2. ADL pretty much just summed up exactly what I was about to say.

    • =) yup

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