Hands Up High – The Friendly Giant

March 7, 2011

Well the weekend’s over and that’s very sad, but it’s still March, and you know what that means: March Mashup Madness continues! The Friendly Giant contacted me yesterday about his latest mashup Hands Up High bringing Waka Flocka to meet Taio Cruz. And let me tell you, I am digging it. Here’s what he says about it:

I’m a seventeen-year-old mashup artist from Los Angeles, and I wanted to share a brand new mashup that I just finished. I think the lyrics of Waka Flocka’s song “No Hands” are really catchy, but I don’t really love the beat, so I wanted to play around with it. I tried to make a new song with those lyrics that makes you want to move and dance, and hopefully I was able to do that.

I completely agree with TFG, Waka’s beat left a lot to be desired. It was a standard hip hop beat, with intermittent horns and an off beat drumkit. Now don’t get me wrong, I love horns in a hip-hop song and horns plus off beat drums is halfway to ska, which is always fun, but it was boring compared to the vocals. Waka’s chorus has such a strong hook that it could stand on its own in an acapella and you might not notice the lack of a beat. I would hope for something more interesting in a beat for that kind of song. Now the Friendly Giant wants to turn it into a dance track, and he delivers. Waka’s song really needed a strong consistent beat to be easily dance-able, and adding Taio Cruz’s track works perfectly for TFG. The fact that this means this song gets another really effective hook is just a bonus. Well I’m done talking. Listen to the dang thang.

Hands Up High (Waka Flocka Flame vs Taio Cruz) – The Friendly Giant / Or from Mediafire

OK, I lied, I have more to say. The first I heard of the Friendly Giant was a couple of months ago and then he kind of fell off of my radar, but I’m glad he’s back on. His soundcloud page has a sinful amount slick mashups on it and I expect several will make it on upcoming editions of my mashup series.


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