Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. VII

March 4, 2011

It’s the most wonderful time of the week! That’s right, in case you forgot, today is Friday. And among other things, that means mashups! It’s the first Friday of March Mashup Madness so I’m going to go that extra mile in this post. Get ready for some excellent syntheses.

This first mashup I’m posting really deserves its own post but I thought I’d make this lump post that much more quality by kicking it off with this. Jimi Needles really nails this mashup. No, he doesn’t just nail it, it’s practically perfect. This track is just beautiful. I’m not sure how else to put it. This is an amazing mashup! Everything works! Royksopp becomes jazz and embraces hip hop in a stellar whole. This is definitely in the upper half of my top ten.

The Message (Jimi Needles Acid Jazz Cocktail) – Bob James vs Grandmaster Flash vs Royksopp

Next up is a new White Panda track. Surprised? These guys just pumped out a forty track album and they have a new track? Well not quite. The track is “Fly & Freaky”, one of the tracks I posted with the album download, but whereas the track on the album is short and beatmatches to the songs before and after it, this is the real deal. While this is not exactly the first full single off the album (that would be “Infinite Dream” not to mention various tracks they put on the album that they released well before announcing the new album) as Pigeons and Planes says, it is the first full single we’ve seen after the album dropped. Strangely enough this track is not available on the White Panda’s websites, only certain blogs talking about the album. That means to me that the White Panda sent this as a promo to a couple blogs. Anyways here it is in its entirety. And yes. It’s good.

Fly & Freaky – the White Panda

Well would you look at that? Three songs in and I’m already posting a track Brenton Duvall worked on. I say worked on because it’s off a Potomac Boys Club compilation, but who knows, could be all him. Well it’s a fine song and well worth posting. This should please anyone that likes Donnie Darko. Tupac meets that song in Donnie Darko. It’s slick and pretty like any Duvall track but it has an ominous ethereal quality borrowed from the movie that really gives Tupac a more prophetic, or at least more powerful voice. Eh. Listen for yourselves.

Against a Mad World (Brenton Duvall Mix) – 2Pac vs Gary Jules

Now I’ve posted Disturbed mixed with P!nk before but it really works well. So I guess someone else did it too. This works way too well not to be put together again. It’s like putting Rihanna’s vocals on top of some hard rock, it just works too well not to do. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this just fit?

Perfect Sober Insanity (Radio Edit) – Pink vs Disturbed

It’s Friday, the time for dancing! I’m going to a contra dance and then hosting a pop mashup dance party, likely to end being Pandamonium and the new Titus Jones. So here’s a simple little track all about jumping and dancing around.

Enjoy Jumping Around

Now let’s not forget about Mashup-Germany. Ben Stilller always deserves a place in these posts. So here’s a track that isn’t nearly so danceable but it’s very pretty and just really showcases talent in mixing these songs. I think that his peripheral usage of Soulja Boi completely works, both musically and lyrically. This is a song about missing a loved one and being connected only by technology and the lyrics are consistent throughout. Really shows talent.

Ayo Halfway – Mashup-Germany

And how can I make this post without a real house / club / track? I can’t right? So here’s another track that Kaskade mashed up for us. It clocks in at about seven minutes long and mashes Kaskade with Wolfgang Gartner. Yes. Enjoy

Steppin’ Out Undertaker – Kasade vs Wolfgang Gartner

And since it’s March Mashup Madness, I thought I’d throw an extra track on here. It’s one of the longest tracks off of the new White Panda album, clocking in at 2:22, and it’s sinfully pop-y. As in it’s a Ke$ha track. Yeah, sorry. But This is the kind of stuff I’m playing tonight and I’m getting in the mood. The techno backing is very fun. So listen or don’t, remember this is a bonus track so you don’t have to listen to it, hah!

We Are Superstars – the White Panda


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