Dub Side Of The Moon – Easy Star All-Stars

March 3, 2011

Recently I have been listening to an album called, “Dub Side Of The Moon.” It is pretty much exactly what it says: A dub version of Dark Side Of The Moon, but it is done very well. Unfortunately, I cannot post any of the tracks, or even a download link, because this is a retail CD which has been copyrighted. I’m sure that YouTube has some of the songs (but I, of course, do not condone breaking copyright…). One of my favorite tracks is the remix of “Money.” Instead of starting off with the sounds of money, and using it to transition into the music, the song starts with the sounds of someone taking a bong hit, and uses the various sounds associated to make a rhythm that the music can build over.

The Easy Star All-Stars, who made the album, have recently released another version of it, called “Dubber Side Of The Moon.” I have not heard it myself, but If you like this album then it is definitely something to consider.


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