Pandamonium – the White Panda

March 1, 2011

It’s finally time. Are you ready? We at PaperMash certainly are. So what I’m going to do is throw up the download link here immediately and then update this post with a few teaser tracks from the album as I listen through.

For those of you only just joining us, you may be wondering what’s going on. March Mashup Madness has begun, kicked off by the lords of mashup, the White Panda. They just put out a mashup album which they have been teasing us with for the past month and a half. You should download this album because it’s apt to be awesome.


UPDATE 1: I’m not going to mirror this for you on Mediafire, since there’s no reason to download individual tracks when you should be downloading the album.

Bust a Love – the White Panda

UPDATE 2: Digging the transitions here. Also I like that the tracks are all short and together. It means A) Dance party to Pandamonium in my near future and B) A full track from the album a week in everyone’s near future.

Fly and Freaky – the White Panda

UPDATE 3: HOLY CRAP. Steal My Sunshine meets Clint Eastwood? Perfect! Although I’m iffy on the chorus.

Steal Eastwood – the White Panda

UPDATE 4: There are about ten more tracks I’d like to post but I’m not posting any more tracks just download it already! These should keep you busy and entertain you as you’re waiting for the download to finish.



  1. I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED THIS! Must download right now…

    Related question: You prefer Versus or Rematch? Personally I like the first half of Versus better than a lot of Rematch, but Rematch is more consistently excellent.

    • I’m with you on that actually. Versus has some really hot tracks on it

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