Suddenly Mashups. Everywhere. VI

February 25, 2011

Welcome back to Friday folks. It’s frozen over again here, no more unseasonable warmth. Oh well, I had an awesome birthday. And yes for about half an hour it devolved into a dubstep rave dance party as most things with me are wont to do. But today is a day for mashups. Ready? Here goes.

Maybe I should just throw in a Brenton Duvall track every week. His beats are just so smooth. How can I pass it up. He makes even Gucci attractive with his slick sampling (my favorite type too, hyper-produced sped up vocals). ADL, feel free to skip this one, I know you have trouble with Gucci et al. But everyone else, you have no excuse. Listen.

That’s All (Remix ft. Gucci Mane) – Brenton Duvall / Or from Mediafire

I’m afraid this has put me in a very pop mood. So I’m throwing down a Miley mashup. Now this isn’t the Biggie Smalls mashup, it’s mashed with Snoop, Dre, and a little bit of Lil Jon. While this is a simpler mashup than the Biggie track in some ways, the tiny samples of Lil Jon on the choruses make this track unbelievably more enjoyable. And if you like Miley Cyrus as is, you should enjoy this anyways. Check it out

The Next Episode (dj pinto remix) – Dr. Dre vs Miley Cyrus / Or from Mediafire

This next one is part mashup part remix. I’m not sure what’s up with the sound quality on the vocals but it’s a good song nonetheless. The remixers reinterpret both songs as they mash them up (or maybe they found reinterpretations and mashed them up. I don’t know a lot about this particular track). It’s a really cool effect. Enjoy it.

The Fly Scientist ft. Page & Silver Medallion – Coldplay vs Drake / Or from Mediafire

Now I’m feeling like throwing something weird up to counter the previous pop-y songs. What’s weirder than Daft Punk…. and klezmer? Yes. Yes, I said that. You’d better press play. Then you’ll understand me when I say this is the way AutoTune should be used. For good, and not evil. For AutoTune is a tool like any other, it can be turned to good or bad at the command of its user. Ok I’m done now. Listen.

Boban Markologic (Daft Punk VS Boban Markovic) – M’siou Rigolitch / Or from Mediafire

And how else could I follow up a klezmer mashup but with a Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP mashup? With a Mashup-Germany mashup, you say? Why not both, I say. I say, what a song. And yes. That’s Backstreet Boys. And Phantom of the Opera. And Benny Benassi. Have fun!

Everybody speaks no Americano (Chaos Club Edit) – Mashup-Germany / Or from Mediafire

I’m digging the World vibe I have going here. Next up should keep that up with a Indian (from India not the Americas) Hip-Hop band mashed with some classic explicit Ying Yang Twins and Mike Jones. Isn’t this a great beat? Crazily catchy. Something about guitar and rap that can just really work sometimes. Listen, listen!

Badd Party – Mike Jones & Ying Yang Twins vs. Bombay Rockers / Or from Mediafire

Well I think I’m going to end this with a chiller track. It’s pretty trance-y and really pretty. I love those synths. Did you know Kaskade made mashups? Well he did and they are chill as anything. How could they not be when he’s using Deadmau5? Mmm mm. Enjoy and have a great Friday!

Falling In Love With Brazil (Kaskade’s Mash Up) – Haley vs Deadmau5 / Or from Mediafire



  1. Actually (and I hope this doesn’t sound boastful) I hadn’t heard of Gucci. He seems a lot less abrasive than Soulja Boy though.
    You are definitely right about the Lil Jon samples on the Miley Cyrus chorus, I laughed out loud every time.
    The Coldplay vs. Drake one is great because the plaintive chords sort of undermine the boasting and bravado and make it sound desperate and hollow . . . like it is. A good example of a mashup affecting the meaning and/or tone of a song.
    I have nothing to say about the rest of these except that they’re fantastic.

    • Huh. He was really popular at my high school. I was never really impressed with his stuff though…
      Yeah! It’s great when that works out.

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