Tired – e-dubble

February 22, 2011

I’ve been waiting for e-dubble‘s mixtape (Written Thursday) for awhile. And today I saw the Pigeons and Planes post and went to download, but it gave me a coming soon message. This made me sad. Then it went live and rejected my download, saying it detected an attack on the reCAPTCHA. Now my computer is kind of crap, but mostly on the hardware side, not the virus side (I try to run a clean ship). The next time I tried downloading it, it gave me a bad request page. When I refreshed it began the download. Such is life.

I must admit I have not listened to all of e-dubble‘s Freestyle Fridays but the ones I heard, I’ve enjoyed. I first got hooked on e-dub when I heard “Taking My Time” awhile ago. e-dubble has a real talent for sampling interesting songs in interesting ways. Really. Here’s my favorite track off of this mixtape after the initial listen through. The lyrics are really charged and intense. It’s practically cathartic to listen to it.

Tired – e-dubble / Or from Mediafire

And a bonus track! Here’s the Freestyle Friday #40, “Taking My Time.”

Taking My Time – e-dubble / Or from Mediafire


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